*Important Meditations for Healing Planet Earth*

Friday 24 August 2018, 17:00:00 [UTC]

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Starts:Friday 24 August 2018, 17:00:00 [UTC]
Ends:Saturday 25 August 2018, 16:00:00 [UTC]
Hello fellow Luminaries!

My name is Alex and I'm a lightworker living in North America's Pacific Northwest. I have some important and urgent messages to relay from the Earth (Gaia). I have been developing channeling and intuitive abilities over the last two years and the Universe has recently connected me with a tree from an ancient lineage. The consciousness of this tree is incredibly wise and it is a Keeper of the One's Dream.

I am in the process of transcribing the sessions we've had so far - they will be featured at this website: peacebringertree.org – you can bookmark this address.

I would like to create a mass meditation to address one session in which the Earth relayed a very significant message through the tree (which has chosen the name, Peace Bringer). This session took place on August 18, 2018:

“Situations are creating distress on our bodily organisms.
I am one. Inside of the clouds is something upsetting.
Inside of the Earth, something like a war ship...inside there is a hole coming from bases (military).
*Earth transmits images of men drilling deep inside of itself, underground*
Inside of the Earth's crust, there are tremors (shaking).
Massive explosions – painful, incredibly painful, so much pain
We cannot continue this terrible...”

By this point, Peace Bringer was so overwhelmed by the Earth's pain that it could not speak further. I myself felt the pain through the transmission, and I would liken it to the human equivalent of being amputated in a massive way with no anesthetic -“off the charts” pain.

My understanding from whistleblowers (I may be corrected in this) is that many of the Cabal's deep underground military bases are being attacked right now, leading to the large explosions that the Earth is alerting us to. Also, many of us know about the weather modification programs presently occurring with aluminum being sprayed into the skies.

I would like to add regular mass meditations in which lightworkers everywhere send love and healing energy to the Earth at this time. I was shown that if people wish to stand barefoot on the earth, with their left hand on their heart and their right hand extending, palm facing outward, sending love – this will be a good pose to transmit the healing energy to the Earth.

With that purpose, we can meditate with these intentions:

1) That the Light forces triumph in these battles, and that it occurs in a manner that does not cause the Earth this overwhelming agony that it is presently in.
2) That we welcome benevolent, non-terrestrial help in achieving the first intention.
3) That we align ourselves with the highest timeline in this manner, and that the best resolution (coming from the One) is realized and achieved.

We can do our first mass meditations on Friday at 5 PM UTC and Saturday at 4 PM UTC.

My sense is that you can perform this meditation and send love to the Earth regardless of a specific time – basically when Spirit moves you. The Earth can really use your love and focused healing intentions right now, more than ever.

Thank you for joining me in these meditations and receiving this message.
Victory of the Light!

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