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Matthew 15:11 What goes into someone's mouth does not defile [...]

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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Matthew 15:11 What goes into someone's mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of...IT…

fear beghets fear..if you fear you get sick..its about fixating on sickness fear feeds demons=self fullfilling prophecy long as your sick you have excuse to do get back to work you slackers or get ready to be enslaved by more that your fears..the work camps stand ready resurgence of yanki industry [via work camps]

hear listen to fridays [and wed podcast or get ready to buy yanki made in usa slave camp products [just like they were [are] being made in china korea japan natzi homelands..[yes there will be a revitalisation of us industry..[they have the work camps ready for the slave workers [but slavery is ok if they love you..if they serve you a better quality of life than the globalists trying to slow kill you [and no commute]..yes slavery will revitalise yanki industyry free doctor free funerals ..

heck their bringing heaven on earth and dirt cheap products made in slave camps the average dude can buy his made by slave computer [or base niki shoe but for a few cents more we can build the luxury one too side by side one for price..the other for quality and proffit cause they know thats the one you will buy..but both made by slave crap and quality is a matter of a few cents more or a prettier design more pleasing shape..but both are made by slave in a work camp ..stop consuming your the next slave to go to revitalise the yanki work camps next ..todays show goes in depth ..and next week it goes global....alex goes to europia ..soon it goes 24/7

why was jesus able to heal..most sickness [all sickness is in ya head [you KNOW the power of posative thinking so why are you so easilly distracted ..the sick dont care about anyone else..poor me fication=excuse for inaction..the night before the battle gets the highest sick roll call ..HEAL THYSELF* would be healers
if only it was so simple, calling it complicated doesn't make it easy I give you that however most everything is rotten so decay of entropy is making humus for love either way anyway it s universal constant. in so much corruption within failed civilization to bigger or even bigger degree like current stupid countries of this world, some major shit will only make it harder for survivals if there would be any I bet rich worms with underground shelters and followers of eugenic augmentation agenda are counting on it. will see, now stretches into enough.
Friday 24 July 2015, 23:20:52
Friday 24 July 2015, 23:43:45
one under god [on strike/on point]
the system thinks it will be safe in their bunkers..little knowing it will be sealed off once they get into them..mostly by their own..[I recall a funny a movie where all the middle men got on one space ship..and the true elites on the was so funny watching their faces as one by one they realised they were heading into the sun...[oops that film became a simpsons program..i began talking of the movie..ended up with a cartoon]..if only those useful idiots..[now].. know they wont be needed once we are disempowered or gone]..they are next..but by then none will be left but them and our common problem's ..remember you watchers watching us in our helplessness..your next*..they havnt told you but the cancer in their vaccination's is even
now slow killing you too…
Saturday 25 July 2015, 00:27:44
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