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Mortana is coming for you! You switch your computer operating [...]

Powell River, British Columbia
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Mortana is coming for you! You switch your computer operating system to linux immediately. "Urgent Warning About Windows 10"........first ones free!…
Sorry, typo error, I meant "You should switch..."
Friday 24 July 2015, 19:12:12
one under god [on strike/on point]
I have been thinking about the issue..but have trust issues..i don't trust computers or computer programers..but will look at the video..but really ned to se the problem in writing..with a promise knowing who is behind it all..but thanks for the info
Saturday 25 July 2015, 05:11:52
one under god [on strike/on point]
it seems that the window witch is a lot behind the I-phone witch..they have this voice thing as well..[I have heard the kids talking to this voice..that claims all knowing..just as and she amuses you type of thing..[I think it came in with the iPhone 5..the thing is there is all knowing..but that cannot know the truth of a thing..or indeed the error of anything..but only what people are doing..not why..this fear about predictive knowing is pure spin..yes we can be manipulated but in the end we have freewill freechoice..for now..and any humamn choice is half wrong and half this suri of iPhone is..and as this cortana will be..[we who know will be feeding her dis-info..and lets face it fear opinion and bias and a lot more..predictive only works on generalities and preceedance..but we can instantly chose the opposite..just by a flip of a coin..or the change in the wind or other signs we find to guide is in the living moment of syncronicity..ok satana might be able to fake being me..but those who know my voice heard in words should know the difference..and if not..well let them who be deceived be deceived..thats why I follow no set format..anyhow seemingly it will wait a few more I will worry about it then..much of what the video says they been doing for decades..[heck even in ww2 they scanned each letter ad communication for micro-dots..we know we are being watched..and have other keys to communicate a computer in a box cannot conceive..she may know the likelyhoood of a chess move..but we the living have imagination..[real time guidance..before scribing any word..for every word I type there are whole visions ..[bundles of info]..I need ignore ..chose to ignore or other ....waze
Saturday 25 July 2015, 05:37:37
Thank you for "window witch". I'll use the term when I warn others. The computer is a wonderful tool. Unfortunately, the global cabal and those that control them have turned it into a harmful weapon. Mortana is only a series of 0's and 1's (electricity on or electricity off). The cell phone is not "smart". Any string of 1's or 0's are not "intelligent" as in AI. Yet most I see around me now are totally and absolutely addicted and controlled by their daily dose of 1's and 0's. It's uncanny to watch everyone being addictively controlled in by Microsoft, Google, and Facebook......totally useless, manipulative, meaningless, replaceable software programs that are just a series of 0's and 1's. They are at best no more intelligent or smarter than a screwdriver and should be treated as such.
Saturday 25 July 2015, 17:42:20
Over 7 billions folk on Earth, admittedly not all with computers, but the #s are vast- too much data to sort through even with key phrases or words to limit selection. What does worry me is watching people constantly interacting with little boxes and ignoring life. Interesting how they're always trying to humanize machines, what makes Cortana a "she"? It's our fault though, digital reality offers no consequences and expects nothing and obviously that is what a lot of people want. Fortunately there are those that do care and want to change this paradigm, as this site shows. Peac
e and Love
Sunday 26 July 2015, 11:47:37
Quantum computing is based on quantum bits or qubits. Unlike traditional computers, in which bits must have a value of either zero or one, a qubit can represent a zero, a one, or both values simultaneously. Representing information in qubits allows the information to be processed in ways that have no equivalent in classical computing, taking advantage of phenomena such as quantum tunneling and quantum entanglement. As such, quantum computers may theoretically be able to solve certain problems in a few days that would take millions of years on a classical computer.

Bill Gate's programmers will cast a spell-check on everybody who refers to “it” as a “her”. This “digital pet” ruse will gather pertinent information about the computers unsuspecting and entertained “user” and feed the digital information to the global cabals developing “quantum” computer systems for easy ongoing “sorting”. The concept is as “harmless” as Gate's implant digital chip for sterilizing women. Jade Helm is likely the initial introduction and testing of this global cabals “observational and control control systems” by quantum computing for each and every one of us.

In addition, a “conversing” Windows 10 software system will increase the dosage of the “digital heroin” fix that has many terribly addicted and in a zombie state already. It's truly uncanny how almost everybody clings to the global cabals Windows software and cell phone technology in spite of the personal costs they are incurring like DNA/cell damage from microwaves and psychological brain alteration thru unrecognized addiction to their global cabal controlled “machines”.
Sunday 26 July 2015, 23:20:14
one under god [on strike/on point]
thanks for the info doug ..I too feel sad people are addicted to their digital platforms..but if it makes them happy so be it..i feel any iPhone user that gets mugged can sue suri..[supposedly listening in and hearing why didn't she call 911?..i feel this all knowing thing will get very expensive once the law suits start hitting the courts..[suri or the other sister didn't think of that..anything happens near them their to blame for the consequences..but your honor I planned the whole thing before the computa via my iphoney..oh fear these girls will be sorry..[sorry girls you should know me by now the joker card..the know im only joking..what ypou don't know..i think I will sue] foun I don't give a stuff what they do..the sooner they get me of line the better..
Monday 27 July 2015, 09:21:38
oops sorry. hit return grrrr
Monday 27 July 2015, 17:09:06
Seen any honey bees lately? My info tells me that the "happy" people have greatly damaged their family bloodline (delivered to them intact by their ancestors) by altering/destroying their children's DNA 2 generations down the line because of "wireless" routers. The children's school system has been very damaging that way also trying to save money by not having the inconvenience of installing safe wired systems. Proximity of the cell phone microwaves to human tissue is showing up now. It took a while just like asbestos. The juvenile honey bees are getting lost on their first trip out of the hive because they tune into the earth's magnetic field to navigate. The cell phone towers microwaves (magnetic fields) bend their navigation systems way, way out of shape and they cannot find their way back. That is why when they look at colony collapse there are no dead bees in the hive. The happy people are killing themselves, literally, by encouraging future starvation by lack of pollination or immediate death by brain glioma (brain tumor). If that is not enough insanity, their children are already damaged reproductively.
Monday 27 July 2015, 17:29:40
Sorry, hit return before finishing......I don't complain here without offering simple defensive solutions to the global cabal's culling systems. It is totally unneccesary to use windows on your computer. Linux offers the best alternative. It is free and open. It does everything that windows does but contains no negative forces that I can see. It is free (that is why upgrades to windows 10 is free because Gates can't stand the competition) and all 40,000 choices of Linux software are free also. No malware or viruses, they cannot exist in an open and free environment. This is why I warn about Cortana. By making windows "cute" a lot more people are gonna get a lot more attached to the wireless environment. You can eliminate "wireless" microwaves at home and in schools by simply wiring computers together with cables (ethernet). I existed before the internet so I know everything works just fine without it. It is not necessary for us to continue with cell phones. I threw mine out soon as I learned that the cell towers kill the bees. I do not have a death wish and I try to respect all those who delivered my bloodline to me undamaged after many thousands of years. "Cortana" and Bill Gates will take all that from you and your bloodline if you choose to continue this nonsense for the sake of "convenience" or "I don't want to adapt, I like what I got right now".
Monday 27 July 2015, 17:51:28
one under god [on strike/on point]
its funny how you talked of the carrier waves etc ..I was just looking up symptomology for the gwen tower mind control thought I would link the two topics up [ps the main symptoms appear to be 'voices dizziness nausea and bees well that's yet another sign.. or not [then there are of course the orgon generators the last link makes interesting reading…
Tuesday 28 July 2015, 03:56:41
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