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Sombor, Vojvodina
via The Full Circle Project
Human Woods -> Fruit Cities -> Plant Valleys. Project in which I (and my kin) will plant various trees on public and private land plots, giving them bracelets with names of people that provided funds to help, they will have map where trees they helped growing are. fruits of which will be shared free of charged to hungry, sick, homeless and social cases. also we will salvage trees that are setup to be cut for industrial roads and alike destroyers urges. anyone with me on this? I still work with animator to make overview of projects and have web developer ready, but desperately need funding. We currently work from our own low income and things is moving however very slow. project can be replicated anywhere globally from this local initiative. Today they cut off 700 year old tree in my country, I m on brink to cry loud in madness about it but will never give up, with or without help
one under god [on strike/on point]
you have nailed an important issue maks..but the bracelets could end up being tourniquets and strangulate..the growing plant..[sorry tree] I think it might be faster if we plotted the fruit trees via GPS..that there be a link people can go to to locate a specific tree..[of course sponcers would already have the gps coorinates..and a name plate..but not a bracelet ?..tree salvage is a huge job..and it dosnt work..much better to plant a thousand trees than to move one..[its a matter of time versus effort..yes the tree dying is sad it will be mourned..but giving it new life as a product ..or allowing its children to live on ..might bare better fruits..transplanting trees is a huge expensive project..but tree planting is a project that has urgent need..[especially trees that can feed us..[im reminded that tribal law ..the one who plants the tree owns it..that bit is easy..he [or she owns its harvest]..but wild trees there too is a law..and the law is no one..NO ONE..may take more than half the long as this rule is followed allways half the fruit remains..for others and for nature ..and in nature they will take the fruit way before we can eat it..and often waste half of it just tasting the fruit tree needs to suit the environment..the secret to planting a tre in the wild is to fig the hole the roots get down deep much govt money has been wastyed in planting non edible trees and in expensive projects where the trees died..everyone loves the planting but didn't dig the holes deep nor come back to so many times I have walked off the road to look at the three stakes wrapped in a plastic bag with a fel good message printed on it to look down upon a dead tree..often planbted in concentrated clumps ..that in reality was just mass murder..[do not forget to companion plant..a lot of trees need to get the maximum attract or repell other wildlife..if your going to be out there youi might as well be testing soil samples and moving around bee hives ..and collecting other products like saps barks leaves and seed as product..also having strict rules as to moisture content of the ground..dry dirt needs carbon sink content to hold moisture and hold nutrient's ..a guy I know reclaims deserts..just by digging holes a few feet apart and filling the shakllow dish with carbon and animal shh when the rain comes the water goes into the ground..if nothing else earth shaping..alone helps hugely..the natural seed for the area us just needs fertile ground..anyhow the page wont open further so that's my input..apples fed the poor in the 1930's depression because jonny apple seed planted every seed in every apple he grew back into the mans efforts simply by knowing the right ground saved many..that and his love of apples..cheers
Thursday 23 July 2015, 19:52:33
thanks for comment bro, I understand it, however under salvation I though of salvaging trees that can be salvaged, health into years and cut for woodwork or else, that with compensation could keep on growing.. I was more or less totally cyber until 2,3 years ago when I got my son, when I lost my father, when everything mixed, now I m on internet occasionally, but more into gardens and into life, as else is giving me mindjob that cant be solved, this planet is fucked up, we are working on gordis knot, and it s not looking nice, I will keep moving though, nothing can stop me, not even myself.
Thursday 23 July 2015, 21:18:18
one under god [on strike/on point]
the waking times talks of trees at this moment [ok 7 hours ago] might help to leave a comment ..yes im aware that a tree does many things..[and of the blaphemy of killing a mature tree spirit..its almost like the vile ones know thats where the trouble some spirits get
put... so keeping the trees spirit within the tree does make sense.. or else we need a ceremony before killing them to release the troublesome spirit protected in it free there is so much people have forgotten cuting a tree down creates many problems [spiritually speaking..any evil set free by the negative karma act of murder has earned dispensations ...[i will leave it at that..but have no doubt that the murder of old growth is causing many of our earthy problems .. but what can we do buty to protect the life god has protected ..the law of thou shalt not murder is not limited to the type of life..but all life ..[thus the ned to pray over the food we eat..that needs die so we can live..[even the seed murderd for our daily bread ok look your reply has made my reply to waking times write itself ..anyhow bro your on a mighty important mission it it takes money remember my under writing offer…
Friday 24 July 2015, 03:29:36
thanks for comment johannine !
Saturday 1 August 2015, 00:15:17
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