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I just noted a sign..put in the front window of [...]

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
via The Full Circle Project
I just noted a sign..put in the front window of a shop..saying words to the affect..hey you raiding our rubbish bins..don't eat from the bin..come in we will feed you for free..and yes of course..the suggestion works..[I wont say its even good publicity..because obviously the idea is a nice thing...a very nice thought

.but misses.. the targeted audience..if it was a real offer it would be posted over the rubbish bins..with a free gift voucher or some other means to preserve the rubbish bin eaters pride ..possibly the only thing they I post my reply avoid saying it ever again

its a nice idea..but one can go to the rubbish bin for years..[i did it for 3 years]..and it dosnt feel like best you hope your invisible..and that your not taking a sale-able thing from people..only that which other threw out..

we dont like others serving us..nor going begging we eat well from the rubbish bins..and usually the only proof we have been there is the place look cleaner ..a the hunt isnt over till the mess is cleaned up..

yes its a nice thing..that they made the offer..but one meal is ok..two the guilt sets in and by three free meals you feel really really bad..ok yes the owners feel good..yes its a nice theory..but really standing there in a nice clean shop smelly dirty depressed..while others smirk behind you..well the truth needs be told..

much better to be like a thief sneaking a feed in the darkness..or the alley..than revealing to the world*..who live in main low we who must hide in the darkness..have fallen..its a hurtfull thing to see pity in the eyes of the living..when your not really able to ask anyone for anything..the world has rejected many..i know because I am one..of them
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