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Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
via The Full Circle Project
one under god [on strike/on point]
I must say the second thing I saw at your site was ankle biters..[my first thought was what kids..but then read further into the good true articles you wrote on the front will be reading..' Shielding Protocols to Keep Ankle Biters Away '' soon as I have finished the first page..the term you used also alarmed my guides..[One key aspect of this shift is going to be the “cleaning up of consciousness” of all of humanity, which is no small task, to be sure.]..yes indeed..but first you must be aware that much of the things these cling-ons do for us are the great humanities as much as the inhumanities..[lest we forget mankind has tried yyour way many times before..and all we loose is our great minds advisers,,.good and bad alike ..and that means this cleaning up of consciousness needs be more a clear seeing of the in-fluences..that interact with our conscious via our that still quiet voice within..that induces rage as much as sage..all im trying to say is we DO entertain much as demons..completly unawre..that they hear our call..and heighten and enlighten..without sating this is yin and remove one removes all..this we must all know..the two are fully cant have great good without the risk of great evil..thats a law of spirit..[we must apply great thought not great judgments ]..can the will to sin be contained..[mans laws forbiding it has only served to hide it..we must now inform..why how what feeds and attracts the negative so we can it..we hold no blame...all is forgiven..your loved ones await in de*light...I just am concerned we throw away the baby with the bath water and end up back in the stone age..with those loving evil yet again raping an innocent generation...we are closer to sorting it all out more than ever thank you for the guidance..i go now to learn more .[while im listening to alex jones who explains the problems clearly..and who best embodies our words/acts works.. are in-spired as much from demons as angels..and its we who chose what to bring into this our words or works..the fruit is not all bad and given knowing will [must ]..heal itself..must resist that love of sin and ignorance..bought about by hasty judgments THE key aspect of this shift is going to be the “cleaning up of OUR OWN INNER consciousness” then by grace and mercy..apply our learnings..of all of humanity, ..back to humanity our works..which is no small task, to be sure...;)..sorry about the word modifications my guides advised how emotion feeds emotion… but also self control ..knowing has its price but its obligations too..anyhow some great info..and so much seems spot on..[but as usual the error lies in the final solution..karma is a two way take from one the other looses equal measure.
Thursday 23 July 2015, 01:52:07
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