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Hi folks, Sean here from Perth Western Australia. I'm pretty [...]

Woodvale, Western Australia
via The Full Circle Project
Hi folks, Sean here from Perth Western Australia. I'm pretty new around here so forgive me if I'm a bit slow to reply. I admin a couple of not for profit pages to do with spreading awareness to the often covered up detrimental health effects of certain technologies, pharmaceutical drugs and food products. And above all, offer simple at home solutions such as herbal remedies, nutritional advice and other ‘dis-ease’ preventative measures. You can find me on Instagram at @seans_eco_workshop or Steemit at seansecoworkshop. These days however I am focusing my energy into researching the untested and unregulated 5G technology and trying to get the word out to as many people as I can. Does anyone here know of any groups or movements in Australia to do with 5G or any useful resources like pamphlets or booklets I can get my hands on? I look forward to meeting you all, a bit of a support group would be nice after going solo for so long
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