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Seeding Ascension Coded Commands To Speed Up The Event— I recently found [...]

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Seeding Ascension Coded Commands
To Speed Up The Event—

I recently found codes (by Neo Glimmer) that contain geomatria (similar to numeronics) in order to speed up The Event. So I wanted to share this with anyone who might be interested in learning about this too. When a large number of ppl see the commands, there is a multi-consciousness that creates a wormhole into the higher dimensions.

Neo’s a cool guy. You can even see a pink aura around his head in the videos. Then further out, it turns into mint green, and sky blue. He even talks about being able to see this “rainbow aura” in more and more people lately.

The codes are 2 pages of strange looking sentences with a bunch of numbers. Apparently there is a correlation between the words and numeric values.
These codes were communicated to Neo’s higher self (or higher selveS, as he stated) and meant to be “seeded” throughout the internet and viewed by lots of people in order to plant special energies to speed up the event. From what I can gather from the videos, it involves reverse engineering from the Declaration of Independence and perhaps other documents that ended up enslaving humanity, while creating the illusion of freedom, power and independence. And so the negative “spell” from hidden meanings with the original document is cancelled out with the codes.
I don’t think we have to recite the info, so much as copy it to the internet, effectively “seeding” or spreading it so the energies can anchor in across the web. As I understand, he is choosing to hand write some copies since there is more energy in the hand written word.
It all looks like gibberish and mis-spellings that don’t make any sense. Don’t worry about that. Our higher selves and the higher realms understand it and that’s all that matters. It must be copied exactly as in the documents, in order to maintain the numerical values of the words.
And if you have the time to get through any of these videos, Neo explains each code and how it came to be. You may even be able to explain it better than me when you pass it on to your social circles.

--This video is around 20 min long--…

And I’ve always resonated with Marina Jacobi. She gives a lot of enlightened info through various sources on the web.

--This video with Marina and Neo is 90 min long--…

--The Meeting about The Codes--…

If you do not see the 2 pages of commands, write to me and I will send them to you as a pdf.

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