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I have decided to contribute, one one level, within our [...]

Castleknock, County Dublin
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I have decided to contribute, one one level, within our FCP under a series which I am going to title: The Canary and The Coalmine. Anything which I come across in my research i.e. books I may be reading, videos I might be reviewing, articles outside FCP which I may be writing or videos which, from time to time, I may be making, which carry warnings about a dystopian future which we may be drifting into, I will post here.

So, to kick off the series I will now furnish a link to what, in my humble opinion, is a hugely important video. I reviewed this video recently and I have to say, I was truly shocked at the pretty darn awful future, which seems to be mapped out for the great unwashed by the obscenely wealthy, powers that shouldn't be. If ever there was a cause worth rising up to defeat then it has to be what is described in the video, broadly speaking: Transhumanism.
If our creator intended for us to be part human, part machine then we would have been born with appendages to facilitate that.

So, let's head to -

The Canary: Dr. Graham Downing
The Coalmine: "Artificial Intelligence"
The Warning Issued: 2017

Watch through to the beautifully moving, and deeply human scenes at the end. I would love to read your feedback whenever you have had a chance to view the video:

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