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Hello everyone I newly joined today - it is nice to [...]

Amersham, Buckinghamshire
via FCP - United Kingdom - Beds/Bucks and Herts
Hello everyone

I newly joined today - it is nice to be here. I live in Amersham and would love to be involved in anything happening locally or online.

Regards Trudy
Neil Warren
Hi Trudy, and apologies for now that we're talking about needing a parallel-lawful-profile (Mat Dowle has one, and a few others). And also without knowing if your offer to get involved is at odds with Michael Tellinger's rolling and current (2017-18) retreat from anything "political".

This is the heading-link-opening in "world-wide" Forums -> Economics by Christopher Buckley who self-lists as just "United Kingdom" (from drop-down-app-list), but I seem to recall is Midlands somewhere:…

And, although you won't see her picture via this copy-paste, or the one illustrating the £1Bn a week theft-waste, this is me suggesting that local Bedfordshire lady, Rachel Garnham, who has just culminated 20-years "activism" by getting a Labour Party NEC seat (and £-salary), would probably do better to re-think that career too

Here's a swampie just pinging my local Bedfordshire radar:

Rachel Garnham | Mid-Bedfordshire CLP | Membership number: A777413

(pic 1)
20171023_234249.jpg <---- What a BIG number you are Rachel!

"...I’ve been a Labour Party activist for over 20 years, during which I’ve held numerous positions, including National Policy Forum CLP representative and nearly 10 years as CLP Secretary. I fully support Jeremy’s leadership and his progressive agenda against austerity, war and racism. Under Jeremy’s leadership, and with an anti-austerity plan for growth, we can achieve a transformative Labour government. With the hard work and empowerment of members old and new, we can build on the general election successes and defeat this heartless, damaging and incompetent government. Our party needs to be much more inclusive and democratic. If elected I will be a voice for grassroots members, a champion for Party democracy and work towards general election victory...."

Please read the panels above, Rachel, and spend a while absorbing this too...

(pic 2)

That's ONE THOUSAND MILLION POUNDS STERLING worth of work, week in and week out, that we the so-called tax payers are having to do, and ONLY to cover the fake-money debt-interest too, but to facilitate you and your fellow politicians faffing about decade after decade getting your left, right and middle wings (and us) in a very, very, impossibly expensive flap.

Tell us what you know about lawful money, instead, and how you and yours would much rather earn and spend that, with solid and intelligent support from everyone who agrees with you and us?

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Lawful Money here I come!! (See Anna Von Reitz)

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[deleted user]
Hey trudi welcome x
Tuesday 16 January 2018, 16:33:49
Hi Trudy I'm sure you will enjoy all the good info on this site. Try… you may interested in a slightly busier page
Tuesday 16 January 2018, 16:55:56
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