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HUMANITY: THE GRAND ILLUSION So if you think your life is [...]

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So if you think your life is complete confusion

Because your neighbor’s got it made

Just remember that it’s a Grand Illusion

Deep inside we’re all the same

― Styx *

* Styx:…

There was once a planet called Earth. Upon this diminutive blue-green ball ― for a while, anyway ― existed a species termed humans. Most of this breed falsely believed they were the only tenants of the Universe, or at least the pinnacle of the food chain. This, despite they knew not who they were, from whence they came, nor how to escape Earth should they need to.

Said feeble-minded lot spent the majority of their existence amassing strips of fabric ― known as cash ― that inherently had no value to them. Even while giant space rocks hurtled their way, ** humans took no notice, and continued engaging in this useless task. Provided numerous warnings, their need to court the insignificant was unquenchable.

** Near-Earth objects:…

In addition to the meaningless accumulation of these swatches of fiber, humans decided it would be a great idea to separate from each other. Even though logic dictated they ally, to save themselves from what seemed an omnipotent Universe, they rather chose to divide. As a result, what was known as countries ― complete with imaginary boundaries ― were created.

But sequestering ― by way of this new implement ― was not enough. It became essential the members of these fictitious territories kill their own, should they happen to reside in different regions. This humans called war, necessary to retaining the illusory borders of the illusory countries.

While natural forces ― known as diseases ― annihilated this breed with dexterity, humans felt the strong desire to assist, killing as many of each other as they could.

At some point, the most peremptory of these territories was known as the United States ― or U.S. for short. Members of this region were falsely led to believe ― via a system of propaganda known as school ― theirs was a special make-believe territory, espousing ethics never before entertained. In reality, the U.S. was founded upon the same tenets ― murder, rape and thievery ― as any other country.

Residents of the United States were forced to pledge compliance to die for their territory to another useless strip of fabric called the flag. While most of the U.S. population told themselves there’s was an ethical endeavor, their ancestors had massacred, forcibly fucked and stolen from the humans who had formerly inhabited this region.

Afterward, they developed a holiday ― a gala ― and referred to it as Thanksgiving to commemorate this monumental extermination. The population of the United States celebrated this festival yearly, forgetting the mass of humanity erased, now represented by this jovial event.

All the while, the enormous asteroids continued to race toward Earth.

Although money didn’t exist, holidays helped create so much more of this apocryphal ideal, humans were unable to cease at one. Hence, Christmas, which exalted the birth of Jesus Christ ― a fictional godhead for which there was no historical basis. This holiday was celebrated by homage to a fat geriatric with the ability to visit every home on Earth in a single night. Said swollen senior commanded a sled powered by eight animals with no wings, that magically possessed a mastery of aerial navigation.

And then came Easter ― a festival observing the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, by pretending a monstrous rabbit left chocolate eggs during the night. ***

*** Bill Hicks:…

Since self-annihilation seemed paramount to humanity, Memorial and Veterans Days were designed to provide gratitude to hired assassins ― termed soldiers ― able to kill more of their own than typical humans. ****

**** Bill Hicks:…

Fictitious regions known as countries required equally fictitious leaders known as presidents. These nonexistent commanders ― who annihilated more people in one day than most soldiers during entire careers ― also possessed their own holiday.

But humans couldn’t stop with adoration only on certain dates. They felt the need to idolize these consummate killers all the time. Hence, cash was decorated with the faces of these pretend leaders.

George Washington ― a man who owned more than 300 slaves and would, in most eras, be incarcerated for such ― was the first of these presidents. ***** His memory was apotheosized in denominations of cash known as the quarter, as well as the dollar bill.

***** Jacque Fresco:…

Abraham Lincoln ― an overt racist and mass murderer ― was glorified on currency called the penny, and the five dollar bill. ******

****** DiLorenzo, Thomas, J. (2006). Lincoln Unmasked: What You're Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe. Three Rivers Press. ISBN: 0307338428

President Andrew Jackson ― a lightly-toned human with proficiency for killing dark-toned humans ― was remembered on the 20 dollar bill. *******

******* Andrew Jackson:……

This veneration wouldn’t be confined to presidents, though. Pretend protectors ― termed gods ― were imperative when controlling the population, should citizens become insurgent toward the imaginary rulers. Of course, these deities required homage. Over millennia, numerous gods came and went ― all dismissed as absurd by subsequent generations. None of these supreme beings were validated by physical evidence, and yet each was revered by the majority of humanity.

Noble traits were assigned these gods, which humans were informed they’d be judicious to emulate. This, even though the deity of the Jews ― a portion of humanity excluding itself from others ― commanded its adherents to slaughter, rape and plunder. ******** *********

The godhead of the Christians ― another chunk of humankind eager to separate themselves ― admonished those who failed to admire it, by doing so they’d be eternally burned and eaten alive.



Even without palpable proof of the existence of these deities, the bulk of humans declared belief in them, promulgating reverence again on cash. Hence the slogan “In God We Trust” on all forms of U.S. currency. Edicts of these gods were pronounced by individuals the ilk of Mother Teresa ― a fraud and mass murderer.

Although humans felt themselves shrewd for not believing the unsubstantiated word of a used car salesman, they were willing to follow an invisible, silver-whiskered senior existing in an equally undetectable, gold city in the sky.

All this, while wayward asteroids sped toward Earth.

It appeared humanity thrived on delusion, and couldn’t have created a more pernicious paradigm.

And then came the Atomic Age ― an era during which this breed developed the capacity to exterminate itself. Prior, natural forces would have been the only cause for the extinguishment of humankind. Now, thanks to the ability to split, as well as fuse atoms, humans could eliminate their type in moments. This talent was captured in an invention called a nuclear bomb.

Thousands of these contraptions were made and pointed at each person on Earth. Hence, the entire population of this breed was minutes from nuclear demolition ― and would be for years ― although they’d done nothing to warrant such abuse. Oddly, humans did little to free themselves from this enslavement ― enabling the imaginary leaders to incarcerate by threat.

Even though humanity had the Sun at its disposal ― a source creating more energy in one second than humans produced in their entire existence ― leaders spuriously informed this breed it was exigent they split atoms. Hence, mammoth facilities ― termed nuclear power plants ― were developed, where this process was undergone.

Humans were fallaciously informed this endeavor was safe. In reality, one meltdown ― a term denoting the unplanned destruction of a nuclear power plant ― could easily set in motion a chain of similar events that led to obliteration of this tiny species. In addition, humans had no means of storing the waste generated by this process; debris that would last for ― in certain cases ― billions of years. Excess that would be the most deadly substance known to humanity. **********

********** Into Eternity:…

Not only did the leaders of this breed sanction all nuclear power plants, not one of these facilities was developed without cash from their respective dominions.

This decrepit domicile was built on the feeble foundation of a sole power grid that provided electricity to the humans, and also prevented all nuclear manufactories from melting down. Should that single fail-safe stop working ― as it had no back-up ― all nuclear power plants the Earth over would release their products, terminating life on the planet. ***********

*********** Smith, Gar. (2012). Nuclear Roulette: The Truth About the Most Dangerous Energy Source on Earth. Chelsea Green Publishing. ISBN: 9781603584340

Able to control via suppression, governments failed to inform citizens of these crucial facts ― which included the ability to overcome this problem by building a second power grid.

Such was the dilemma of humans. Their fate was their own to decide. As of this writing, it remains uncertain what became of this infant of the cosmos.



DiLorenzo, Thomas, J. (2006). Lincoln Unmasked: What You're Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe. Three Rivers Press. ISBN: 0307338428

Smith, Gar. (2012). Nuclear Roulette: The Truth About the Most Dangerous Energy Source on Earth. Chelsea Green Publishing. ISBN: 9781603584340


Into Eternity. Dir. Michael Madsen. Perfs. Timo Aikas, Carl Reinhold Brakenhjelm. DVD, 2010

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Into Eternity:…

— Hugh Mungus
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