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hi folks, lets change the world! it s inevitable. [...]

Sombor, Vojvodina
via The Full Circle Project
hi folks, lets change the world! it s inevitable.
one under god [on strike/on point]
hi maks..its inevitable that one day we chose to grow up..that one day we realise if it is to be it is up to me..anyhow maks what ideas do you have that need funding..[dream big..because its a time to realise big dreams..a lot of things will change before you enter your teens..think big but retain that inner childs vision..what does that child need..ask and it s
hall be given
Tuesday 21 July 2015, 23:39:40
hi! I will never grow up living it all again trough my son which is lighter for ton of humiliation and that is what I want for all kids everywhere. But I plan on forming some sort of protected plots in project human forest aka fruit city and various plant and woods life, that is my major pull since past my daemons. I m still to work on concept to be able to show people what can be done and will open source everything and encourage replication trough world wide communities, time for scorched land to flourish!
Wednesday 22 July 2015, 21:12:29
one under god [on strike/on point]
yes the joys of parenting..i was fortunate to enjoy the first 8 years of my last child..before the system turned her against me via the anti-smokers training she got in school..[that and I believe the simpsons.,.type ridicule of the paternal father figure in the media..and maybe the extra education ..or vaccine regeme..who knows but by the age of 12 her constant nagging drove me from my own home..but that too had good from 1996 to 2002..i was out in the world..trying futily to save it..then said screw it and ran away home..the daughter was allways the smart one..i put everything I had into making her..and in the end she yet again drove me from my own home near a year not sure who gave up on who..but as she talked me into paying off her 200.000 credit card [unsecured debt] mortgaging my owned paid off family home..she now resides in ..and I live on a veranda..with only the clothes on my back..its a place I don't want to look back on..but I know that place where you are now..and that was the best of times that make these worst of times worse..had I been more firm..i would have allowed her to fall..but instead I took the fall..[im in court again tomorrow..and still dont want to defend myself from the one I loved above all..and really don't need to talk about it..but was reminded of it by your joy..its funny how happy things even can make old people sad ..I don't know what the lessons will be ..but my grandchild is 5 and begins school next year..or maybe did last year..but court orders exist so I will never know..i call it elder abuse she calls it domestic abuse ..and its not for the court to choose that we both lost
Thursday 23 July 2015, 00:15:46
thanks for sharing your story. I see that in my son even we don't use tv and there is no violence, this egoistic urge kids often have, I had, to make it their way regardless of circumstances. What can I say man I d still rather he hates me for who I am then love me for who I m not. there is no scary stories in my home, there s enough drama in truth so I will shower him with everything, no pardons and plenty of facts pouring in these times. I m as-well in/with vaccine case and we live quite frugal for expense of my liberties but if anyone wants to be slave they are free to go, even my own child..
Thursday 23 July 2015, 00:37:54
one under god [on strike/on point]
yes bless you maks..a two way conversation is so important..facts but not fear..its said our kids will lead us..but mostly we need to trust them..and have them know we trust them...its a lot of things to put on their shoulders..i so tried to have her retain her innocence and openness..but the advertisers programed what she eats..and once you give up natural food for that other fake food..once the bacteria in the gut kill the natural serotonin production..the battle is lost..they love living off that sweet stuff taste their hooked and say why did you not tell me about this stuff..then psychosis..[depression from the bad food].. sets in and all I taught her is wrong...its how to pick the middle path..[but whats the use blaming society..we lost each others trust..and I did run-away cant free a slave who loves her killer..i think I will go to court tomorrow and plead no contest..then run away again..even though the signs say I wont be welcome there..i may make the move to higher ground..beware of giving too much too freely..everything in life must be earned..they need to know everything but our love for them..costs something..i gave it all too easy so it had no value
Thursday 23 July 2015, 00:53:46
you just felt doing what you thought was right, and it was, in the end parent will do anything for his kid, shame human beings are hard to grow spine even within own families at times. I changed a lot and noone around me seams to accept that gracefully lot less material version of my self, making lot less compromises running from brink of divorce and occasional well almost daily clashes with ""authorities but what I can do but walk the talk, between having and knowing I always chose having because knowing doesn't allow it. look at the bright side though, it will hit them like trunk of bricks, quite soon, all unprepared and most are, all these little dramas must come surface in order to transcend.
Thursday 23 July 2015, 01:37:48
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