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I want to preface this by stating I feel why [...]

Loma Linda, Missouri
via Ubuntu Planet
I want to preface this by stating I feel why we exist and what we do in our lives is more important than anything else. Now, I want to ask you a question. Is it possible to deceive others? I urge you to check out ALL of the links within this post. If you do I am certain that most of you will conclude someone is lying to humanity. This is why I believe the world is not what mainstream media/scientists say: Russian video of "Earth" ---> (; more evidence of the lie at 1:38, astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson states the Apollo missions took pictures of the "round Earth" ---> (; At 0:32 Tyson says Earth is "pear shaped" ---> (; Bill Nye and Earth (at 3:30 Earth is discussed) ---> (; Bill Nye says Earth is surrounded by a "gas dome" ---> (; at 3:23 Bill Nye states Earth is an enclosed system ---> (; some conflicting statements about stars in "space" here ---> (; flight from Taiwan to California lands in Alaska ---> (; here's how the Sun and Moon work on a flat Earth ---> (
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