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hola everyone, we are a young mostly [...]

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hola everyone,
we are a young mostly latino clown/ artist eco community, a model of anarchism, that is, all are equal, decisions by consensus, self-organizing. things have progressed very smoothly and amazingly. we continue to build, mostly bioconstruction, homes, volunteer house, carpenteria, stage, recording studio, retreat house, malokka with kitchen, swimming pond, vermiculture, many, many projects now and in the works. we have an alternative school, but we want to make a larger one that transforms into a center for the arts and a curing arts center. we also are beginning a business in herbal medicines. we need to find ways for the community to make money, thru retreats, workshops, parties, shows, products, etc. the school and the curing art center is not for making money. everything is beautiful here, especially the people and the children.. we have 14 adult residents, many children, some babies, and 10 volunteers. we are in the process of creating a website, which hopefully, will be ready soon. in the meantime, u can see us on fb group: shambhalabamba. if u can think of anyways we can collaborate, please let me know. lots of love, mofwoofoo aka tom
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