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ON BEING A SPACE CADET: I don't know when I started, [...]

Pattingham, Staffordshire
via The Full Circle Project

I don't know when I started, but having consciousness in the womb was a sure sign that at least for me (and therefore why not others/all?) cogniscence started in another state. I claim to know no more than this about any prior worlds as, although my experience is fairly broad, and my mind similarly so, for the purposes of seeking truth, I often apply a scientific discipline, and simple validity tests to my claims.

First of all, I am not a slave to rationality as I have experienced many psycho spiritual states that transcend linear logic - contemplating the extraordinary is not an issue, in fact, its part of my DNA.

However, I am aware that what we say, the power of the ego to seduce one emotionally and psychologically is so insidious and all consuming that it can twist the 'chassis of perception' so absolutely that it frequently turns black into white and vice versa. In my lexicon of reality, this phenomenon is form of black magic! Self delusion, when freely peddled by intellectuals and charismatics is extremely dangerous. Some such people, take scientologists for example, actually believe in the proclivities of their own programmed mind, they do not know the difference between critical analysis, evidential fact (admittedly a localised event - dependent on perceptual range), balanced probability, and wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking is not a bad thing at all, if it serves the whole, when it serves other purposes, say to DISTRACT, to MISLEAD, to POISON THE WELL, to VAMPIRISE PSYCHIC/EMOTIONAL ENERGY, basically anything other than reveal the truth - it becomes an issue. At least for me, as I do not think we have a whole lot of time to be diverted from the obvious and imminently consequential matters at hand.

Problem is many of us have no idea of how 'lugubrious', how devastating the ego is, how it always leads to disinfo, blind alleys, red herrings and signals danger. The ancient texts, referred to the ego as, "Under each lotus flower a serpent coiled." This is a lifetimes study and discipline, and being a poor practitioner, but at least being aware of its DEVASTATING power having suffered several near deaths because of and in spite of it - seek all means to identify and dis-empower it.

Core Buddhist and Islamic texts insist that nothing read, heard, or not evident from ones own experience and knowledge should be regarded as real or truthful. Every word and notion should be tested for its validity and if it does not pass these tests, is of little or no value. Indeed, it may not only be fruitless but may lead you to a dark place. Where things cannot be tested such as quantum matters, and more pertinently MSM claims, we must question, educate, triangulate ideas, logic, draw on past experiences, use dialectic, apply intuition to whatever level we possess it, but above all BE HONEST. If we do not really KNOW SOMETHING - we should tread with care, also we should consider what the benefit and consequences are of adopting a view or collectively, world-views.

Where does the speculation lead, what is the benefit, indeed, Cui Bono?
For example if it is true that the Pope is the Whore of the World and all the rest from Revelations 12 and so on, what can we do about it? If nothing,, then let us concentrate on things we can do ... If we do not know this for sure we could explore the subject but to accept it wholesale and effectively broadcast it widely means we may be doing the job of those who wish to DISTRACT US from obvious provable real and immediately devastating matters such as economic warfare, censuring thought, freedom of speech, and suppressing technology and information that could transform our lives to one of abundance virtually overnight. YOU DECIDE WHAT's more important to concentrate on.

Sure, speculation is sweet. But I make a grave distinction on the quality of thought here - the quality of speculation. Some speculation serves to inspire the soul, energise our being. It creates that spine tingling broadening out of consciousness where we become ever perched on the edge of an Aha Experience - this builds new neurons in the brain and expands consciousness possibility - enhances our state, giving us access to new levels of perception.

Dark speculations or that which is nebulous, unlikely, unconfirmable and pointless even if it is confirmed should be carefully considered before you put it into the engine of the mind.

In conclusion, I guess I've always been a SPACE CADET, but realising the power of the mind, I try to direct it to a schema of reality that though wide is not sidetracked by dubious and patently time wasting speculations, and those that serve no useful purpose other than to atrophy and paralyse us into a state of inaction where even small acts could have helped to overturn the dark intent of LIVING DEMONS, the banking and human trafficking money elite, and those order followers, false prophets, and sensationalists that generate a REAL and PRESENT DANGER.

Some distraction artists have no idea they are carrying out the agenda of the real monsters, but you can usually spot them as they say things like,
"LOOK UP its the RAPTURE."
... and everything in between.... it is true that there are more things between heaven and hell that we could ever dream of, but like the man says, start with the basics, master those and safely move on.

Much affection to all - Seb

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