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You can't tell publicly that earth is flat and even [...]

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You can't tell publicly that earth is flat and even have to became active debunker in case if some one else will bring it up.

You make a friends by expressing gratitude “like their posts” about anything and encourage them to post. That way people will like you back. Idea of flat earth, is intellectually challenging enough to understand, it takes from few weeks to several month for people to get rid of emotional shock and actually see truth as it is and what is going on on debates it is globe Rhetoric vs flat Rationality.

In general people are lazy and don't like to pay attention that requires them to focus more then a few minutes. So by empathize with that frustration, you getting majority on board and suggest easy solution to stay away from the subject, for the sake of peace and relieve. Immediately distracting everyone to “more important” things to do. Everyone can see flat area from airplane , just no one pay attention to it so we use airplane fly as evidence to the globe and get in peoples minds easy solution, bias ideas.

Most people do not describe what exactly they see, but report their judgments about what they see. That keeps them stupid.
[deleted user]
I am open to the possibility we may have been lied to. There are so many videos out there, so I want to know what you think the very best one is. At this moment I am too lazy as you say, to look deeper into it and watch video after video. However, If you send me a video link to which you believe has the the most convincing arguments, I will watch it. If I think it makes valid points, I will research further in my own time. Thanks
Friday 15 September 2017, 20:09:47
Simon. Being a surveyor in Forestry, Oil, Geophysics, Airborne, Remote Sensing for the past 30 years, oh and an amateur astronomer, I said 'why not', lets give these flat earthers a listen. Eric Dubays two hour presentation is supposedly the FE bible.…;; After ten minutes into it the clock kept ticking slower and slower. It agonized me but I knew I had to watch it to it's end. My conclusion is that the earths circumference at the poles is still 40,075km around the equator and 39,930km around the poles. So there is about 145km of some sort of flattening out I guess.
Sunday 17 September 2017, 00:03:23
Correction, 'Circumference is still 40,075km around the equator'
Sunday 17 September 2017, 01:54:58
[deleted user]
I understand your request is quite rational and there is detail that we should considerate the people are unique and they have doubts in their heads on different spots. So what I did: I research my own doubts by searching for answers to my own questions and I didn't find one video that could clarify everything in my head. I was actively searching and didn't find any video that could tell what I need to know in order to understand.
I mean how I will find one video for you if I couldn't find for my self? I don't even know what is your points of doubts are? Even that takes time to finger out by your self. Learning is a challenging process and no one can do it for us. Education is what other people do to you. I am your friend I need to know what you need in order to assist you. If one talks with out awareness what other people want to hear then one is boring. people stupid goofy no one is perfect, but each and one have a bits of the truth which you need to filter out from their own judgments about it. That imaginary part of what one know sit in ones head regardless rationality.

- How do you know? I have measured. - Ah, thanks. No I mean earth is measured flat that is how we know. - what? no way! Why you even say such a crazy things? ...and it takes time to get over...., seriously , that is measured too it really takes time and effort from few weeks till few month. I wish I knew the way around or some kind a short cut. I really want people know the truth, but it takes time to penetrate that psychological membrane of resistants. It is like awakening from anaesthesia is a state of temporary induced loss of sensation or awareness New concept even If you understand it is truth need time to adjust with associations that contradicts that understanding and then you detect even more bullshit in your head that you believed was truth. It is a big 'truth bomb' for ones brain, it just explodes very slowly. I am not government ore authority I don't do brain washing, you are a friend I want you to comprehend by yourself. You can force education, but not learning. Free will is our greatest value and guidance. People who claim, that free will is a myth, they also denying existents of friendship and love, because those are impossible with out free will. Things like compassion, empathy, requires free will and for psychopath it is just a myth. Learning is impossible with out free will. Only education you force with violence, why I would do that to a friend?
Sunday 17 September 2017, 14:46:32
[deleted user]
'Circumference' Do you know what it is? Imaginary concept in your head with out empirical evidence,… you can debunk that with 10x binocular. But that is not a point. the real truth is that claims about space ore globe have no empirical evidence they just reference to authorities , titles , names , labels, ...

Empirical evidence, also known as sensory experience, is the knowledge received by means of the senses, particularly by observation and experimentation.

earth is measured flat and I know that is a lots of: 'but how and why' coming up naturally and that what takes time to solve it out for your self. No one can do it for you. Don't be lazy cunt, I love you, wiggle towards what serves life keep with the truth.
Sunday 17 September 2017, 15:03:11
Flat earthers are so adorable. Kick back some evening on a moonless night without light pollution and take in the vastness of the cosmos. The occasional circumpolar satellite (north/south imaging satellites that the earth rotates under) will pass overhead, maybe a spectacular meteor will burn through our atmosphere or maybe a chance to see the space station trek across the cosmos. It's absolutely spectacular. Give it a try and get back to me.
Sunday 17 September 2017, 16:36:18
[deleted user]
We all see lights in the sky just talk about them differently.... and why not explore your fantasy amuse yourself, fantasy has no limits.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Formed July 29, 1958; 59 years ago
Annual budget US$ 19.5 billion (Fiscal Year 2017, about 0.489% of total budget at about US$ 4 trillion)

Fiction with great amount of details creates illusion of reality that does not exist. Satellites does not exist and they don't take selfies in the "space". There is not even one real picture from "space" and technically speaking there is no usage of satellites we have cables under oceans between continents, drowns, balloons, masts,.... we have no way to communicate ore see satellites from suggested distance. They just lunch rocket to the ocean out of our vision and then continue story on the screen. Santa , Pope and President they just wear different costumes.

What ever we see, is real, but stories about it are imaginary. The truth is we see lights in the sky, give a names and map it out for purpose of navigation on the ground. So you look in the sky with astrolabe and know where you are on the ground. GPS, Time when and where arrive and leave son and moon. As we see so long no one needs to believe in any thing. The truth does nor require to believe, lie does and that is how we can recognize the lie.

We believe in a lucrative story of the free masons. They have lack of transparency in their organization, they know, if we knew the truth, we would not like what they do and that is why they keep secrets from us. In order for lie to exist we need believers.

No one takes believers word for as truth in bank ore in court , No institution believe in people, they need confirmation on paper by other institution. Gangs of coerced people have bin caught lying before, why I would trust them ore even use as an argument? they claim a lot of imaginary shit with out any prove that is real and Internet overflow with prove of lie.

there is 5 million 300 videos on subject on YouTube only and you believe that it is ... what?

there is more people who don't do videos then does so awareness that imaginary globe has no evidence of it existence is larger then 5 miln people and it is growing.

all what would take to stop that meme is Empirical evidence, also known as sensory experience, is the knowledge received by means of the senses, particularly by observation and experimentation.

It is enough with one evidence to defend globe imagination, but there is no, isn't? Earth is measured flat, you just get with gyroscope on air plain and you can measure too, as I say the truth does not require to believe, lie does.
Sunday 17 September 2017, 21:08:39
[deleted user]
Walks, Thanks for the link to Eric Dubay. The video link you posted says 'channel does not exist' but i have found the 2 hour documentary that I think you mean.
Monday 18 September 2017, 12:09:25
Keep me posted. I'm interested in your view.
Friday 22 September 2017, 23:18:38
[deleted user]
Simon Quinn , Walks The case with measured flat earth, is simple it just cognitive dissonance, totally opposite what we have bin told. Your attention is not on a subject but on some guy who posted video ore some kind of personality that giving you hope that it is not truth.

Empirical evidence, also known as sensory experience, is the knowledge received by means of the senses, particularly by observation and experimentation.

If you have no evidence of imaginary globe, space, Godzilla ... then you have nothing to say, in the normal world , but among fooled people for generations is just something you have difficulty to grasp on.

When you say to people that earth is not globe and there is no space, people look at you like they are Muslims and you just draw Mohamed caricature.

Same fanatic believe depute evidence of contrary and lack of evidence that space exist in the first place.

Eric Dubay he finger out that imaginary globe is only imaginary "real" But he eat less nutrient dense foods and believe it is healthy. While by himself look too skinny from optimal health to me. Vegan-ism is CIA psy-op.

...and because there is $19 billion on the stake annually, it is a very painful for free masons so the try anything they can, to protect it . it is Psy-op? If it works to stop people to be curious about the truth then they sand gossip, change subject, create doubt ore just lie straight the head, point is to win momentum in the eyes of public, people in general are lazy and happy to satisfy their dissonance with easy suggestion that they don't fully understand either.

I ask to stop believe.

There is very sensitive spot about imaginary globe. To ordinary people is seams like have no big difference, but for free masons is a lots of money taken by lie.

Saturday 23 September 2017, 09:37:17
[deleted user]

<<<Walks Keep me posted. I'm interested in your view.>>>> If you tel me what you do curious about, that way I will skip writing about thinks that you don't care.
Saturday 23 September 2017, 10:25:54
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