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OK, so after last nights chit chat i've slept on a few thoughts in effort to make live video/chat more active as there seems to be a call for it, and while I have not come up with a long term solution I do have a short term route as I continue to cruise the net for a solution more permanent. So here it is...

I will set up this computer to operate as sort of 'server' for the video chat. This will entail me opening up hangouts, sharing the link and leaving my computer running so people can just link in and out of the chat as they come onto FCP. Ideally my post with the link will be made sticky at the top of the feed so it is right there to be clicked by every visiting member, more or less the first thing the see, simple and easily accessible. It would also be helpful if admin could make it so I am able to edit the live link sticky post as there may be a time when I have to shut my computer down, which means the live chat link will end so I will have to generate a new one, so instead of making new posts I can just refresh the link and info on the sticky post. I will of course keep a hangouts link live as much as possible but if I am not participating will disable my mic and camera and ensure my computer doesn't go to sleep due to inactivity. I have attempted to run this at least partially through the Tor network for a level of anonymity, but google makes every effort to block Tor usage so I have hit hurdles with hangouts, hence why last night I mentioned we should probably in time seek to link this via the Tor network with VPN's for as much anonymity as we can possibly fathom, but right now this is a first test so we are in the teething phase, lets see how we go and in time I will hope to bring a better platform for the chat to the table. The link above should be live now and the server will be running all day today, beyond that I have no plans to shut down so if youre reading this please do hit the link, see if you can join and leave the live video chat smoothly and post your feedback
Really appreciate the enthusiasm FM and obviously its fine for anyone to create hangout for people to join... but it cant be the 'official' hangout for FCP that we pin or have on landing page for a number of valid reasons; it would be great if you can contact Mat Dowle directly.. that way you can work on what he is currently putting together as obviously he understands the coeo network and its scope better than anyone will drop by in a little while tho'! over and out for now.
Friday 15 September 2017, 13:17:10
Kool, just thinking of ease of access, if people hit the feed, they see the link, they can join the chat... not looking to be the FCP name so to speak, just creating a medium to aid the communication
Friday 15 September 2017, 13:21:03
Great stuff FM.. good talking with you... keep it running and lets see what happens
Friday 15 September 2017, 14:04:04
[deleted user]…

I do not participate on Google hang outs because technically I can not use it . I try to fix it several times get frustrated and give up. Would you considerate another program for to meet ups so it could be accessible for Linux users too I am not aware if it just me ore there is more people that have technical problems
Friday 15 September 2017, 14:26:08
Funny that, I did mention last night google being the inferior choice of communication provider and would prefer another method... when we manage to hatch something via another service it will be linked here...FCP are working on something for the site and I am freelance exploring other avenues just to create social links for like minded people from all over Watch this space ....
Friday 15 September 2017, 19:29:03
[deleted user]
I have to admit I am not technically aware , I have bin spoiled by hackers who told me where to click so I never needed to learn . We already trying new means of communication, because there is several people who do not like to use 'Google' I guess some people like me, that don't understand why it not works and can not fix it and some ideologically staying away from big brother all watching 'Google'.
FreeMan as soon means of life communication will be established I will send you link there.

and you can do it too.

Saturday 16 September 2017, 17:57:48
Monday 29 January 2018, 09:13:14
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