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Ok so I love this philosophy so I joined but [...]

Gainesville, Florida
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Ok so I love this philosophy so I joined but I don't really know what I joined
Hey Todd, welcome. What do you mean about not knowing what you joined?
Sunday 17 September 2017, 21:09:05
Map The Nap Success Movement
Todd we are in the same boat as in I'd like there to be a leading component that literally contacts new comers and places them in a determined sect. This sect will reflect a type of honor system where one joining will most logically perform some duty likened to ( in my opinion) should be a detailed narrative of every newcomer's particular reputation outlined in terms of acquired opinions and chosen belief systems momentarily followed. Also I believe somewhere members should pinpoint what they hope to benefit within the UBUNTU PLANET LEGACY and how their personal benefit is going to improve the lives and goals of UBUNTU family. This is the first approach I think beginning partners can make which should activate a worthy movement of people engaged in the advancement of our weakest links of mankind.

Monday 25 September 2017, 20:40:41
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