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I would like to welcome the Ozark Voluntaryist Network to [...]

Fayetteville, Arkansas
via Freedom Cell - United States - Arkansas - NorthWest Arkansas
I would like to welcome the Ozark Voluntaryist Network to the NorthWest Arkansas Freedom Cell circle! As an admin of this circle, I created this network in hopes of identifying other individuals in my area who possess a passion for truth and freedom in hopes of building quality relationships while making a positive impact on our community and spreading the philosophy of liberty.
Chris C
I would encourage the individual members of the Ozark Voluntaryst Network to create a Coeō account and join our Freedom Cell. It is my hope that by doing so, our network of liberty-oriented individuals will expand.

So please, encourage your friends to join the Coeō network and join our circle!!
Monday 11 September 2017, 19:20:30
Spooner Bookman
Count me in
Wednesday 13 September 2017, 20:03:05
Chris C
Awesome! Welcome to the circle!!
Friday 15 September 2017, 18:36:52
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