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Following a lively exchange in the chat room (Sunday night [...]

Casares, Andalucía
via The Full Circle Project
Following a lively exchange in the chat room (Sunday night GMT) , those present have decided to hold a FCP hangout this Thursday, as we have done in the past, to focus on this approach (see also the posts in the Direct Action section) and to see how FCP can be further involved. Those interested advised to watch the above video and take a look at the site and to have questions which we can discuss together as well as send to the INPower team with a view to inviting one of their team onto a future hangout.
Time will be 10pm GMT unless enough prefer another time, on Thursday 14th September. Look forward to see you there. Will post and pin more details in next day or so.
Monday 11 September 2017, 00:32:44
[deleted user]
Hi, Lula I am also new here . I signed in last Friday 08- 11- 2017. I live in Amsterdam, and I noticed there are not very much people to connect with. And there are not so many groups either, as a matter of fact in my whole country. I think that's unfortunately and I am not sure why the people are not more united. I need some help from others to accomplish more unity here. I thank you for your reply and from others. Much Love and Light for all of you and your loved ones
Monday 11 September 2017, 05:58:46
[deleted user]
I mean I signed in last Friday 09-08-2017
Monday 11 September 2017, 06:07:19
Hi Marion.. you are not alone in making these observations however, even more reason for YOU to form a circle where you are and find ways to motivate people into attending regular meetings/events. Do you have any friends around you who have similar concerns? Or can you find a concern which is common in your neighborhood?
There are many good folks on this site who can offer support and advice in setting up a group. Also the above-mentioned hangout this Thursday will focus on an initiative which may well help to bring people together -and work together on something tangible. You would be welcome to attend. I'll be putting up a post tomorrow to explain how to access the hangout. Tot ziens
Monday 11 September 2017, 09:57:51
[deleted user]
Hi, Lula... First of all I'd like to thank you for your reply and no I don't have anybody around me, no family and no friends. I was always different and knew and spoke my truth. And nobody could handle that. I am all alone for most of my life. I was very active before at the core of a protestgroup called SASH for my neighbourhood for houses with social (low income) rent. I participated also at the core of two commissions with people from our neighboorhood ,united for social renting houses for keeping a low rent and repairing the houses by the corporations for houses. Then they renovated (strip) the houses from the inside out and we were all out of the neighbourhood for 1,5 years. A lot people decided to live somewhere else or they relied on doing business with the corporations for houses behind our backs and when they discovered they were lied to, it was too late for them to return. I did really fight for going back to my house after it was renovated and we who were left of the united neighbours commission did what we could to keep a reasonable rent for our houses. I live at the Spaarndammer neighbourhood, maybe you do know what happened there and what I am talking about Both the commissions with the united neighbours are active as before AND the protestgroep SASHis not excisting anymore. Thank you very much for your advice . And now I am here and joined and I want to help people to be aware of what is happening in the world. Lula Much Love and Light for you and your loved ones
Monday 11 September 2017, 11:46:44
[deleted user]
I mean both of the commissions with the untied neighbours are NOT as active as before
Monday 11 September 2017, 11:51:46
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