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Hi Guys/Girls i have been offline for a week and [...]

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Hi Guys/Girls i have been offline for a week and i have to say after catching up on stuff i kinda feel a little disappointed with certain things i have come across on here. It seems for some reason we have or are turning our controlled aggression at each other and losing sight of our goal. Yes we are in for the long haul, its a marathon and not a sprint, its tiring and can seem like we are running uphill and we don't seem to reach the top so its human nature to take out our combined frustrations on each other so i have just popped up a vid to remind us that each and every one of us sometimes gets lost in this sea of madness that surrounds us and sometimes we all need a little encouragement to get us out of the rut we are temporary in. Its only a little glitch so lets just take a few minutes to catch our breaths and just say hi to our new members, just say welcome, we don't have a pecking order, we don't have a big boss, yes we have people we look up to and respect but also we have our own minds. Please just take 30 mins and listen to a little motivation vid i came across and hopefully it will give us a little reminder that not of us are perfect and non of us are quitters, we are here to follow our hearts. PS Rome was not built in a day but saying that i was not on that job
Very true Billy, thank you x 🤗
Sunday 10 September 2017, 11:15:00
Your very welcome my dear
Sunday 10 September 2017, 16:13:34
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