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Please join our DAILY meditation to DISSOLVE HURRICANE Irma! Join our [...]

Bennekom, Gelderland
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Please join our DAILY meditation to DISSOLVE HURRICANE Irma!
Join our meditation channel on Discord every day at 12:00pm noon EDT:
This equals 9:00am PDT in Los Angeles, 10:00am MDT in Denver, 11:00am CDT in Chicago, 5:00pm BST in London, 6:00pm CEST in Paris and 12:00am midnight in Taipei.
We will be hosting a LIVE guided meditation of an expanded version of the suggested original meditation:…
Join us in our efforts to continue this meditation until Hurricane Irma is dissolved!

Expanded Hurrican Irma dissolution meditation script:
Welcome to this special daily meditation for dissolving hurricane Irma
- Relax yourself by focusing on your breath, or any other way that works for you
- Intend that this meditation is used to dissolve hurricane Irma
- Connect with the Divine One source, and with all beings of light through which this unconditional love flows, and feel eternally nurtured, guided and protected in this infinite love
- Connect with mother Gaia ... feel your love for her ... and feel her love for you and how much she cares for all beings on the planet
- Imagine a soft pink light dissolving hurricane Irma, and feel how this gentle light makes it harmless
Imagine this soft pink light protecting all people and their belongings
and imagine this situation being resolved in the most positive way possible
- Feel gratitude for all beings of light participating in this meditation, as well as for yourself
Thank you

Please excuse the name Discord ... We see this as an opportunity to infuse light in every situation of discord ... After all that is why we are here
We are victorious in the light!
Irek M
I understand situation I will do it. Victory of light !!
Wednesday 6 September 2017, 08:27:58
Thursday 24 May 2018, 06:21:11
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