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Port Alberni, British Columbia
via The Freedom Cell Network
Charity Verity
I believe I was targeted for a while. I felt something electronic messing with my sleep and dreams for months. I could dodge it for a little while by moving from the bed to the couch, or visiting family out of town. But after the first night, it would seem to catch up with me. Still not sure how it was tracking me, or exactly what I did to get it to stop. I was having stress dreams all night, and waking up absolutely exhausted. Not sure why I was targeted either, I'm a fairly boring, non-threatening person. LOL. And I'm very conscientious about my psychological health, and I don't believe the issues were related to that. I'm happy to talk more about it, if anyone is curious. I'm not here to talk about the who or how or why behind it - I honestly have no idea. But I can tell my own truth, explain my experience, especially if it helps someone else feel less crazy. LOL
Friday 13 October 2017, 04:38:26
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