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I am an activist for protection of nature and its [...]

Goleta, California
via Coeo
I am an activist for protection of nature and its sacred elements that has determined exactly what Lincoln meant when he said "the people are the rightful masters of the congress and the court". The most prime principles of the constitution can save us now, but we need to consciously unify around them.

I seek those who have not given up hope and know the human potentials that can be engaged if invoked. Currently I am trying to help the Indigenous Americans to avoid wrongful criminality for their actions trying to protect water. A lot of work on facebook needs to be balanced with work on other forums. Only a group can do this. Social pressures actually control us that much.

Send me a message if you are interested in this. Once it is understand, a new type of hope is created based in knowledge of the potential of using this strategy.

I've also submitted a plan to a competition held in Sweden called 'Global Challenge" which has a full text that can be read here.…

We can engage this strategy at any time, on any scale, as a group and expect success.

Thanks for reading!


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