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Portsmouth, Portsmouth
via The Full Circle Project
Sunday 3 September 2017, 23:56:50
[deleted user]
I love it, it is so wonderful path to non violence , ...and we can practice to communicate peacefully sincere like among friends that we like and what ever it is that you don't like translate in to what needs of yours I guess it is social needs Look at the human needs list until you find right word and when you see right word on the needs list you will feel with your whole essence that is it that 'exactly what I need' . To practice always be aware about your own needs, with time will develop in to a effortless habit to see not only your own, but other living beings as wiggling through life around in a tempt to get their needs met.

That concept to notice what is life around you, including your self in harmony with situation, it is observe able reality that we all can observe. That is a path to awakened world , it is reality that we all share by observation (not imagination = no lies) Keep it slow, simple and as close to the truth as possible it is things that we all can observe (not imagine = no believe = no lie)
Monday 4 September 2017, 14:13:18
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