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Hey Guys, I'm Sam. I just stumbled onto Ubuntu [...]

Mauldin, South Carolina
via Ubuntu - United States - North Carolina - Asheville
Hey Guys, I'm Sam. I just stumbled onto Ubuntu and decided to join. Creating a money-less community/society has been a dream of mine for some time now, and I have decided that that is what I want to do with my life. Everyone thinks I'm crazy when I share my ideas, so I am glad to see others have the same views, especially so close to home. I'm am living in South Carolina right now for work, but I am an Asheville guy through and through. I'm glad I found this movement when I did, and I Look forward to meeting you all.
Dr Pam H
Asheville is a beautiful place. I was in Black Mountain for several years and then went to med school in the carolinas. I need to get hold of the people trying to start a timebank down there. Take care, P
Sunday 3 September 2017, 17:53:02
Hello Dr Pam - Lived in Black Mtn since 1994 til just 4 yrs ago now in South Carolina - May I ask U what is a " timebank " ?
Monday 31 December 2018, 19:56:27
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