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What Exactly is a Sovereign Individual? The essence is that there [...]

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What Exactly is a Sovereign Individual?

The essence is that there is a significant power-shift going on - a shift from the historic power of nation states, to a new breed of people termed sovereign individuals.

Some of the defining characteristics include: a belief in the concept of self-ownership; a strong commitment to individual rights; a distrust of political democracy; a market-anarchist or natural order mindset; a belief in the right to financial and personal privacy; a willingness to think and act outside the square - as regards being beholden to existing nation states; an active strategy of banking offshore and using various structures to protect one's assets.

The term "Sovereign Individual" could also be applied to another less known word - PT (meaning Perpetual Traveler). In many ways the ideas suggested as a PT is very similar to the concept of life as a sovereign individual.

A PT is someone who lives a private life, and spends his time "visiting" countries - as a tourist, not being a resident. The thinking behind this idea is that as a tourist you are afforded a much more hospitable welcome and general treatment, than if you were a citizen or resident.

Another related word is "internationist" - meaning someone who thinks globally and has broken formal and emotional ties with any particular nation state.

So, the term sovereign individual is a confluence of many different ideas - all linked with the basic concept of self-ownership.

Now, it's quite possible to BE a sovereign individual without really using or even understanding the term. And there have always been people who live and think like that - albeit giving themselves different labels. However, the essence of the concept is a shift in how you see the world, and your own place in it. It's a rising above the idea of being owned, or of being subject to arbitrary external authorities - to the idea of being fully autonomous.

Becoming a sovereign individual is thus more than just doing certain things in a certain way - for example, opening an offshore bank account and forming an offshore company. It is much more about a way of thinking - and then acting accordingly.

The "journey" of life has many possible roads. The sovereign individual chooses the one less traveled.

What Is a Sovereign Being?
Sovereign Being is an individual and or truth seekers with a non-violent approach towards our freedom and sovereignty. We pride ourselves on offering unbiased, critical discussion among people of all different backgrounds. We are working hard every day with the help of our sovereign members to make sure our community is respectful, educational and informative.

Meaning of Sovereign Beings?
In short: Sovereign means “a person body or state in which independent and supreme authority is vested; a chief ruler with supreme power; a king or other ruler with limited power.” – Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th edition pg.1252. Beings mean: “a living thing, the state of existing, the most important or basic part of a person’s mind or self.”

How to become a Sovereign Being?
You are a sovereign from birth but you have to exercise your rights. A sovereign is an independent individual that is self governed. To become a sovereign starts with the individual then a community and so on. If you give up your rights you give up your sovereignty and then become a subject. You must be independent and free from government assistance, providing our own food, clothing and etc. Join a platform for like minds to gather, share information and ask questions. We also encourage all our members and non-members to study as much as you possibly can. Lately our governments are branding basically anyone as a terrorist and the new threat to federal and state governments are paper terrorism.

How to Give Yourself a Kick-Start to Freedom

Does the idea of being truly "Sovereign" - totally in charge of your own life - excite and motivate you? Do you want to ...

Break free of the system - and take control of your own destiny?
Lead a stress-free, healthy, prosperous life - on your own terms?
Increase your freedom of choice - in opportunities, business and investing?
Achieve financial independence and financial privacy?
Kiss goodbye to politicians, bureaucrats and other assorted deadweights?
Achieve more personal privacy and security?

If you've said yes to one or more of the above, then you're in the right place - at the right time! And here's some good reasons for becoming a Sovereign Being

Good Reasons to become a Sovereign Being:

1. Get a Freedom Education and "Mind Blast"

Expand your mind. Research and gain access to online extensive educational material, which covers all the essential basics of the offshore world and living as an international citizen. You'll learn how to:

Internationalise your life - while still living at home
Reduce your tax burden - using offshore structures and strategies
Become an "international" citizen - and never pay taxes again
Quickly set up an offshore bank account, or offshore credit/debit card
Conduct financial transactions privately and anonymously
Set up an offshore corporation or trust
Use the latest digital financial services to maintain your financial privacy

2. Discover International Living Strategies

Set yourself free. Don't remain hostage to the restrictive controls of your home country. You can become an international citizen - and truly make the world your oyster. You'll learn how to:

Get a legal second passport
Establish a second country of residence
Choose the right economic citizenship programme
Think and act "globally"
Choose the right tax haven

3. International Work, Business & Investment

Build your financial freedom. The internet has created a new form of society - one not restricted by the boundaries of existing nation states. It's a society where access is equal, and opportunity open for all - regardless of your race, creed, age or gender. Learn how to:

Work from anywhere in the world
Create your own home-based internet business
Cash in on the huge opportunities of the global market
Discover profitable investment opportunities
Learn how to become a professional investor
Achieve financial freedom and independence

4. Learn Privacy and Security Strategies

Protect yourself. Privacy is a fundamental individual right. Without privacy, you have no rights. It's under threat - so now is the time to protect it. Research, understand, learn and gain knowledge how to:

Surf and communicate on the net in complete privacy
Get anonymous mobile phones
Set up international mail-drops
Set up international voicemail/fax services
Avoid being ripped off by internet scam artists

5. Privacy & Asset Protection

Protect your assets. Keeping what is yours is your right, and to do that you need to take pre-emptive action. To assist in your asset and privacy protection strategies, research and gain knowledge of the following:

Offshore bank accounts
Offshore Trusts and Corporations
International business packages
Asset Protection

What Next?

Your life is the result of every decision you have ever made. Each decision leads down a different path - and I'm sure you've often pondered on the question, "I wonder where I'd be now, if I'd done so and so?". Now you have an opportunity to make a decision and take a different path.
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