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Hello, just set up Prepare for Change - New Zealand [...]

Auckland, Auckland
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Hello, just set up Prepare for Change - New Zealand as a local group. We are based in Auckland New Zealand and look forward to other groups in New Zealand settnig up and connecting

Much love and psirit
Kiko P
My son will be in New Zealand for 3 months in April, May and June
Sunday 1 March 2015, 22:08:37
Great Kiko, get him to email me if he would like to come along to one of our meetings. Much love and spirit
Tuesday 3 March 2015, 05:58:29
Hey MintakanMan! Good to see you on here....
Friday 16 October 2015, 06:07:06
And you Sunshine,
counter of beans and magic pennies
Friday 16 October 2015, 09:24:13
Oh you either have espn or very good guessing going on! :-)
Sunday 18 October 2015, 05:47:34
Heh heh
Monday 19 October 2015, 06:56:15
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