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A letter to every soul Hi,i am a new lighter [...]

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A letter to every soul

Hi,i am a new lighter Ageless Effulgence ,sign in here just 20 minutes ago,and the following of my speaking is my prosbective,so,there are 7 billion(7000 000 000)people in the world ,but according Cory said just 30 thousand(3000 00),hence when the Event or the Ascension is coming,it means that 99Percents people will be abandoned out of the Higher dimension,at that time our family will separate with us in most likly as well as our friend and etc.but its not bad thing,and also uncessary to be sad or cry,Cuz as we know there were billions of souls played as your friends or Pararents,the history of the Universive is forever long,our souls have experienced too much parting of life and death.its not important i reckon,yea,uncessary to be worry,we,ve live in the univers almost infinitely long time,,perhaps we live billions of year as the stone in order to change ours dimensions,finally,dont worry please,it,s really nothing,really.

By Ageless Effulgence
Gaia promised us: "no one will be left behind" : if you desire to ascend , you will. you are right, everyone is free to make their own choice. all paths are good paths.
Wednesday 1 February 2017, 03:16:13
[deleted user]
No soul is lost, ever, only delayed
Wednesday 1 February 2017, 15:26:23
beautifully said Pastinakel:) exactly
Wednesday 1 February 2017, 19:04:39
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