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Guy Fawkes a Hero or villain? Westmonster is certainly a [...]

Whitby, North Yorkshire
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Guy Fawkes a Hero or villain? Westmonster is certainly a place full of treason they actually can't make any legislation, or decisions, without the approval of the privy council. So why do we have MP's or Parliament because they certainly aren't serving the country. They made the UK Bankrupt incurring debts that are, in all reality, false fiction. They've sold virtually everything you paid for i.e. British Rail, British Steel, British Coal, Royal Mail, energy companies (utilities), land, housing, the NHS, the national grid, power stations............ So what have they created - Immigration via bombing other sovereign countries, increased arms sales through wars, money laundering through the banks and private corporations. An increase in food banks, evictions for those who are and who are not in poverty (Bank Fraud), Homelessness, pollution, increased NHS death rates, pension reform, higher taxation, armed police, child abuse cover ups. I think they should be in the Guinness book of records as they are hitting some high targets. The sad thing about it all is we don't need them but some are paying for all of this and then voting this private party back in.
Ask yourself do you really want to make a contribution to an organisation that is killing human beings not only in the UK but also abroad. Do you believe that the only answer is to vote for main stream politicians, i don't think you do. So what's the answer a Guy Fawkes or Millions of good men and women standing up for what is right. An economic war that takes taxation away from supporting them, the so called elite. Without YOU they are nothing it's about us not them - we can all make a difference together.
Precisely - United we stand, divided we fall.
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 18:00:00
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