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A brilliant discussion by Icke, on the origin and purpose [...]

Waratah West, New South Wales
via The Full Circle Project
A brilliant discussion by Icke, on the origin and purpose of modern day Israel. Please watch listen and share around.

Khazaria did not include the Caucasus Mountains. Khazars fought the Arabs over these mountains but neither side won decisively. Obviously, Khazars were good at war in flatlands.

Khazars did not come from Babylon either. Khazars came from East Asia, what is today Mongolia. Original Khazars were Asians like Mongols and Chinese. The Khazar Kaganate was the most western branch of the Gokturk Empire. (Have you heard of Gog from Magog? Gokturk from Mongolia.)…;

Hitler did not treat Jews horrifically. The German Wehrmacht had a number of Jewish generals and even two Feldmarschalls.

Come on, David. I heard only the first 7 minutes!
Monday 30 January 2017, 16:28:27
Based on what I've heard from yourself he should be corrected. I like your analysis. Might be an idea to watch it all the way through and do exactly what you have done here (a critical analysis) from the first seven minutes. I reckon it would be great to match your thoughts along side his. I know I would learn more that way.

If David really does need correcting perhaps you could email him with all the knowledge you know about this subject Didge. If he is honest and agrees with you he will correct himself and reach alot of his supporters. Just a thought.
Monday 30 January 2017, 17:12:18
or have him join the FCP
Monday 30 January 2017, 19:23:44
Just asked him, but I can't see him coming over to join but you never know. Anyhows what I said I still think is good because others on the site would learn so much from comments like you put together.
Monday 30 January 2017, 19:29:55
Got the feeling DI is here to sell 95% truth and leak in 5% disinfo...
Monday 30 January 2017, 19:46:56
tony a
David I cke is not wrong but did not add the fact that the Khazars were a mix of Central Asian stock along with North European and Mesopotamian stock. As Khazaria is steeped in ;disinfo' just as is the history of the Jewish Nation we find the same inability to be absolute in our theories. From my research it is sensible to see a Sumerian/Babylonian connection to the Khazars as they then play a major part in the 'shepherding' of humanity through their inclusion into the Jewish nation. Red hair is another point of interest as it is the symbolic representation of the blood line of the King of Kings and the line of Q'ayin. Why Nick thinks that David Icke is giving 5% disinfo is a little curious. Now I am not a David Icke follower but I respect all of his work while not believing wholeheartedly in his shape-shifting theories. When a person mentions 'disinfo' they normally infer that it is information given with the intention of deceiving. Does Nick think that David Icke is a plant? I hope not because we will never connect as a major force if we continually slag off each other.
Wednesday 1 February 2017, 08:24:57
The Gokturk Kaganates ruled central Asia but went under after fierce attacks by the mighty Tang Dynasty China. By that time, however, the Gokturk Khazar Kaganate had established itself west of the Volga, and the Chinese ignored them, as they posed no threat to China.

Look at the map of Western-Gokturk territory in Korean Wikipedia, which encompasses southern Russia and Ukraine as well.…

Prior to the rise of Asian Gokturks, the steppes of northern Eurasia offered trade routes for the Hsiung-Nu (also spelled Xiongnu), who also fought the Chinese empires but traded with them opportunistically for nearly 1,000 years.
The racial origins of Hsiung-Nu are uncertain but it was probably a mixture of white Scythian descendants and Asian nomads, with the former holding royal positions.

The Turkic peoples, as they expanded westward from east Asia, admired the Aryan looks, as they encountered Iranians and Europeans and the Turkic royalty actively sought to have Aryan-looking descendants. (Very easy to do: have white concubines or slaves bear your children and rear them as your own.)

The accepted explanation for the conversion of shamanistic, animistic Khazar to Judaism is geopolitical. (The rest of Gokturks converted to Islam later on.)

However, it is my view that the Khazar Kagan (King Bulan) chose Judaism from a different perspective. He had seen his eastern brethren defeated by the Chinese or assassinated, despite their special mandate from Heaven to conquer the world. (Gok means blue or sky, thus specially chosen by Heaven to conquer the world)

He saw the Judaic notion of "Chosen People" as a perfect substitute for this concept
Wednesday 1 February 2017, 09:13:45
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