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Hear is the decode for Hell Broke Luce. Watch the [...]


Portland, Oregon
via The Full Circle Project
Hear is the decode for Hell Broke Luce. Watch the video in the link inside the post. The symbolism within the video has been completely broken down. This decode is in reference to the NWO's agenda to destroy America's soldiers, thus breaking the United States.…
Very interesting. Do you have a link that would better explain the numbers you are using?
Monday 30 January 2017, 12:26:03
Sure. Here is the link to Gematrix.
Monday 30 January 2017, 18:08:56
I like the Gematria that Marty Leeds33 uses... Have you checked him out?
Tuesday 14 March 2017, 10:31:11
There are different ways to use Gematria. Leeds work is really really good; I agree.
Monday 3 April 2017, 20:17:11
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