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History in the making… - Introduction The first Ubuntu Aylesbury Vale circle meeting [...]

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
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History in the making…
- Introduction
The first Ubuntu Aylesbury Vale circle meeting took place today. This message is to express thanks to those who could make the first event and to let everyone else know how it went!
My gratitude goes to everyone who could make it, from both near and far. There were nine of us who gathered today. This was more than I dared wish for on our very first meeting here. The feedback I received, about how people felt the event had gone, was overwhelmingly positive. This is a feeling I share.
For those of you who had expressed intentions to come along but were unable to make it, don’t worry. Not only are there Ubuntu events beginning to spring up all over the country, the Aylesbury Vale circle meetings will happen every month. Today will be the first of many. You are warmly welcome to any future dates (to be published soon). It will be so good to meet even more fellow Ubuntu, both new and existing.
I’ll try to summarise discussions we had, at least in part and my own take on them. For those who attended, if there’s anything here I missed or interpreted differently, do have your say and post them under the comments here.
- Purpose of the Aylesbury Vale Circle meetings
Ubuntu is not a social networking website. Ubuntu contributionism is a blueprint for human prosperity, reclaiming our sovereignty, rebuilding our communities and implementing solutions to build a life greater than our wildest imaginings.
All this will happen by people, who understand the Ubuntu philosophy, meeting with one another, understanding what needs to be done and then doing it by contributing our labour of love (lol).
There wasn’t an Ubuntu circle already in Aylesbury so I created one, to provide a space for this to happen and to encourage others to do the same.
Every group action begins with a conversation. Our conversations have begun.
- Community Around Us
You don’t need to look very far to see why there is a need for Ubuntu. Who can honestly say they are happy with the direction things are heading?
Our communities feel fragmented, disconnected and overwhelmed. Politicians and political agendas are corrupt, self-serving and not at all servants to the people. Our education system is distressing our children and not telling the truth about who we are or who we could be. People are struggling, in poverty and in need of even the most basic things. People are working to pay the bills and in doing so, needing to put their passions second.
We had discussions about the local parishes, the political structure and how people in Ubuntu can become involved with their positive contribution.
- Why Ubuntu
There are many groups and movements existing today, with varying degrees of success. It may be of great benefit for Ubuntu community to connect with them, to help discover collectively what works and, indeed, what does not.
The Ubuntu philosophy resonates with us and we’re clear about what it’s vision is. The struggle and frustration, however, is understanding how we get from here (which we’re also clear about, and we don’t like it) to there.
We’re reminded not to be down hearted. Strong signs of the momentum are materialising and as much as we’d like it to, this isn’t going to happen overnight or without effort. Simple cannot be mistaken for easy.
The need for Ubuntu is unmistakable too and there’s increasing urgency. If there was economic collapse or global catastrophe, would we be ready? How long do we have? What do we need to have done, to be ready? What is the cost of failure?
- What is Ubuntu doing
The question has been asked, what has Ubuntu achieved? What is it doing? If it was founded in over a decade ago, where’s the proof that it works.
Whilst it seems like not a lot has happened during a great deal of time, this perspective isn’t true. Thousands have joined Ubuntu worldwide and the pace is quickening. And remember, we are the solution we’ve been waiting for. So this isn’t about waiting for someone else to make it happen. That said, there are indications we’re about to be propelled forward. Times are changing.
Here in the UK, progress seems to have been particularly slow. Again, there are signs this is going to change and soon. With a new UK Ubuntu website in development, a training plan and a legal structure being put in place, 2017 is set to be the most exciting year to date.
There’s also a new UK circle call Ubuntu Daily. If you are willing to visit Ubuntu Global on a daily basis, even if it’s to offer just a couple of minutes a day, we’d encourage you to join this circle. How good will it be for people, who are joining Ubuntu circles for the first time, to receive a warm welcome and be encouraged to get involved, to help them see where their unique skills and talents can fit into our community and be truly valued? There are too many members join, who soon become inactive because their desire to contribute is not followed with ways in which they may do so. Participating in conversation with people both local and overseas will help encourage people and seed many initiatives. The address to the circle is…
- Local Currency
Ubuntu may aim for a world without money but let’s not kid ourselves. We live in a world controlled by money. The money system is ingrained within us and imagining life without it is difficult to do. So we need structures in place to help make money and have another means of exchange that we can understand, before being able to wean ourselves off money entirely; isn’t it striking though that we’re the only species that has to pay to eat?
Local currency encourages communities to start doing things for themselves again. Whilst we have the Bristol Pound here in the UK as example, there are others that now thrive in other parts of the world. A good example of this, in France, was shared today; it’s been going strong for over a decade!
There is currently a “think tank” amongst the UK Ubuntu circle that are exploring the implementation of local currency. This isn’t just looking at local currency in one town but across any town with people who are ready to become involved. It may also offer a solution to moving people from their current place of work to realising the dream of taking their destiny into their own hands, as part of a co-operative.
- Encouraging People to Ubuntu and Building New Ubuntu Circles
Get to know Ubuntu, read the book, watch the videos, educate ourselves and tell everyone about it. If you don’t have an Ubuntu circle on your doorstep, create one. Set up meetings, connect with local members and invite along new members.
Our science is catching up with our ancient wisdoms and we’re learning everything is connected. Just bringing Ubuntu into your awareness helps wake people up. Then plant the seed and tell people about Ubuntu. The more of us there are, the more skills and talents for building thriving community projects there’ll be.
- Contributionism – what we wish to contribute
It was so apparently, just within a circle of 9 people today, there is so much skill and talent waiting to be unleashed. By connecting today as we did, it ignited the enthusiasm and arts of the possible. For those who couldn’t be there today, do try to attend a local event. Don’t let Ubuntu for you be just a website you occasionally surf. There’s so much more for us here.
- Next Steps
Today, an art project was born, a new circle may well have been founded (details of it and its first gathering to follow) and a collaborative research team into co-operatives launched! That’s not to mention the pleasure of meeting a fantastic set of people.
Ubuntu Aylesbury Vale circle will take place every month. Dates for the rest of 2017 will be released soon!
There is also interest in visiting other UK Ubuntu circles throughout the year, so if you notice one, let us know.
If you’ve any comments about what was discussed today, do add them here. Join the conversation!
Sally C
Hi All, my first experience at a Ubuntu circle, the first of many' It was so worth my while, lots of brain storming and hidden talents within a small group of people, I left there feeling so exhilarated and with something to sink my teeth into! gatherings like this is great for braking off bad habits and form good ones! have a blessed day everyone
Sunday 29 January 2017, 15:31:07
[deleted user]
An awesome over-view of the day Lee. I can see your passion for writing. May I suggest you keep such reports as a history of our progress, which I suspect is just about to catch fire,
Sunday 29 January 2017, 16:25:35
Jonathan Shackleton
Great work and write up Lee sorry i've only just gained the time to catch up. Sounds like you all had a brilliant time and, like you have stated, this year is going to be amazing. We will light fires that will spread all across the UK, including our Brothers and Sisters in Ireland. It's quite right to thank everyone for the patience they have shown, especially regarding the re-launch of our UK website. Other Countries are showing full commitment now as people are finding stepping stones through one another. An update on progress will be posted sometime next week and i do hope we will all share the vision.
Sunday 29 January 2017, 18:02:46
Lee Welch
Thank you both for your comments. I'll certainly be continuing to write up our progress. I'm looking forward to next week and any news!
Sunday 29 January 2017, 22:41:49
Fantastic work Lee & beautifully shared, I look forward to connecting on Monday And Sally I look forward to connecting with you soon as well. Much love to you all x
Saturday 4 February 2017, 15:27:21
Sally C
Saturday 4 February 2017, 20:51:31
So pleased for you Lee and all those that attended. Some very excellent points were discussed by the sounds of it and am absolutely
in agreement that we are gaining momentum and strength day by day! Great work everyone.

I do have concerns about even a local currency, as I just feel wherever there is money it has the potential to corrupt. This is something I am open to however if we together come up with the solutions to make it transparent and fool-proof that solely benefits the community.

So pleased people are meeting in the flesh and having real purposeful discussions and brainstorming sessions together.

We're getting there everyone!

In light & love.

Monday 27 February 2017, 14:38:57
[deleted user]
I've reached the conclusion Luke, that corruption, like everything else is a matter of personal choice, The problem with money is it encourages competition for personal gain, but that is still our choice. There is absolutely nothing to stop us using money cooperatively, until such time as we realise they we do in fact no longer need money at all.
Monday 27 February 2017, 20:04:26
I think it's a combination of human nature/choice (like you're saying) plus anything that can be accumulated in mass for personal gain be in number of £££ in the bank, or number of sheep you own. There is nothing to stop of using money cooperatively I agree, however the need for the utmost transparency with regard to how that money is used/spent is vital. I can't wait until good folk see that we don't need money at all. It's my dream to live moneyless with others who want the same, and I want to be one of those who contributes to that.
Monday 27 February 2017, 20:22:28
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