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This is why I encourage everyone get rid of the [...]

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This is why I encourage everyone get rid of the sugar in your life : sugar is poison to our bodies Money Is a mark of the Devil . Serving life things that we do for friends never hart anyone that is who we are for real and Money change the whole thing makes us behave in a involuntary manner. You know deeply inside we don't want hurt anyone, we want peace harmony cooperation violence free society to rise kids and make life more wonderful . that should be normal in general and we deal with problems with intention to readjust our activities in a life serving way to everyone it is not that big science to calculate populations needs and Use industry technology to create necessities for life . when production will be orientated to serve needs then will be totally different picture of life we live in. there is nothing wrong with us it is games we play in our heads Violent competitive ore cooperative peaceful ? Our deeds are pure of kindness when we talk in peace with peaceful loving state of mind . Peace is state of mind. Language of life is natural and actions that serves life are natural to . Free giving from the heart is possible only in peace . That is people in separation from mas media in nature . Be cause all you see, hear and know is natural environment and we always on our way looking for nourishment Using knowledge of ancestors and contributing to the kids future Keeping the balance . Use imagination to serve life because anything else harms us all we all do it together and that how it is question is how to make better and not what is right ore wrong...…
Downloaded and will listen tomorrow at work. Interested as I have cut sugar out as much as possible and lost two stone in a year and half. It is very difficult though to get away completely from sugar. On a side note I've increased salt intake, natural rock and sea salt.
Wednesday 25 January 2017, 18:27:20
[deleted user]
Salt is not dangerous ... well if you swallow a lot, you can increase your blood volume and have heavy loud on your heart for a short period of time, before you urinate first time after intake your surplus of salt will be in urine bladder.. in a range of your taste it is not harmful ore dangerous any how. But when you are in hospital with certain health conditions it is not recommended, but gossip leaked out from hospital and out of context to the streets and prejudges about salt live. So do not restrict your self and put as much salt you enjoy most. You will loose more wight if you cut off carbs: bread, pasta, potato... those foods makes you bulk up a bit.
Thursday 26 January 2017, 15:40:19
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