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the message box is not working? no message showing at [...]

Toronto, Ontario
via Prepare For Change
the message box is not working? no message showing at all, the old one are missing and it says just "about a month ago" not sure what that means! ...anyone?
Hi Hefalump, I'm getting a similar response. Glad I'm not the only one. Maybe the cabal thinks we're spreading too much light.
Wednesday 25 January 2017, 02:32:41
oh how wonderful then!
Wednesday 25 January 2017, 05:04:07
[deleted user]
Hi Hefalump and Sonja, since this morning, I have the same issue. It actually says (at the bell sign) that I have a notification waiting, but when I click on it, I get ..."six months ago". Well, I guess and hope that it will be fixed, soon. Wish you another great day.
Wednesday 25 January 2017, 07:57:48
Mat Dowle
One of the database tables was corrupted... it's fixed now
Wednesday 25 January 2017, 09:07:18
[deleted user]
Thank you very much, Mat. Best wishes in all regards!
Sunday 29 January 2017, 07:31:35
Wooha! Thank you!
Monday 30 January 2017, 02:59:03
I have to agree, thank you Matt for everything. You rock, I am so thankful for your contributions to the Victory of the Light!
Monday 30 January 2017, 05:59:24
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