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Hi All, I found this visualization of Saint Germain's Violet [...]

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Hi All, I found this visualization of Saint Germain's Violet Flame helpful. I found it this morning and used it for about 40 minutes and wallaa, I now feel a sense of peace in my heart. Just what I needed. I turned the sound off, because I found it distracting. I invite you to tell me what you think and if you find it helpful as well. Thank you so much.…
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There's a variation of a Violet Flame healing experience, where you visualize yourself, not your body, going into the Earth, to a large chamber with a bed of violet crystals, with healing guides present around it in the name of St. Germain.

You lay down on this bed of crystals, don't be afraid of being hurt by them and you enter your body awareness and feelings in order to find the places where healing is needed.

In your mind you make that clear to the healing guides standing around you and they will start working on your energy system as much as it's allowed by your ability to receive and by your spirit being.

You don't have to do anything except receiving and relaxing, while staying connected to your feelings and keeping the connection to your physical body, that is sitting on the chair in your room, well grounded with your feet on the floor.
Maintain the silver cord connection or any connection that works for you, to ensure the return to you body on the chair.

Take the time, as long as you need, to receive healing and when you feel complete you can give thanks to the healing guides, stand up and start your return journey back to your body on the chair with your feet on the floor.

Bring yourself back fully and be with the experience, feeling how you feel and adjust to the condition of possibly being healed or whatever it is that you experience.

We all have our unique tools for healing and balancing of our energy, this may be an experience that works for you.
Wednesday 25 January 2017, 09:46:38
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