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For anybody who wants to learn more of some current [...]

Lancaster, California
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For anybody who wants to learn more of some current research on the MK Ultra phenomenon and the Satanic practices of the ruling government in the United States of America, including the infiltration of the same in the new administration, this blogger has excellent material.

He has personal experience with the CIA mind control programs because his father was a victim of it. He has been researching this topic for years and has a lot of knowledge and material evidence about this topic.

This is difficult to read because the practices are cruel and barbaric, but if you choose to read it, I would suggest that you arm yourself with your healing tools.

I read this information so that I can understand what my government is up to, and to understand what theses victims experience and to honor those who did not survive whether they were used as a human sacrifice or died as a result of the torturous effects of mind control programming.

Here is the link:…
I seek knowledge but when ever I try to learn more about how deep the rabbit hole goes, I can feel my vibration lowering greatly. Don't want to go there right now. I have seen enough horrors for a bit. but glad it is coming up to the surface. we need to know as a planet.
Tuesday 24 January 2017, 03:31:25
Yes, this information is difficult to learn about and to hear survivors discuss. I take breaks from it too, for the sake of balance.
Tuesday 24 January 2017, 05:28:11
[deleted user]
Yes, agreed, Sonja and Hefalump. Paying attention to that balance is valuable, it's about taking good care of yourself.

I've met 2 people in my life, both in the year 2014, the first in child abuse and the second in a Satanic cult.

The first was so deep in rage, which was kept under control, or rather suppressed, by a yoga meditation practice, that I couldn't endure his presence in this energy. It was too disturbing to me.

To me, it looked like as if he finally landed on the shore in safety, when he visited me, but it felt as if I was at risk of being sucked into a black hole.

I've been honest with him by sharing my feelings and he closed the door on me. No emotions were visible, he just blocked a connection. This was very hard for me to do, but I couldn't see another way of dealing with this situation.

The other person was a young woman, mother of 2 children, experienced in processing much of what transpired in her life.

We shared a heart connection and so there was no frozen energy present, no black hole. But I felt my body wanting to run away, observing this instinctual reaction, while listening to her story.

I told her ofthis and she understood fully. She had to deprogram herself from the post hypnotic urge to kill herself, after leaving the family, which was part of a Satanic cult. Her father was the head of this cult.

She's been in helicopters at night, flying to secret locations where ceremonies were organised. She has killed two people in those ceremonies, as a child and after waking up to her true self, she had to live through the pain of having done such a thing, forgiving herself at some point.

All on her own! There's at present almost no therapist or counceler ready to engage in these sort of experiences and the recovery from them.

I've lived for 5 months with a counseler who received 2 MK-Ultra victims in her practice, while I lived in her home. She was unfamilier with this subject and because she knows that I know about these things, she asked me if I could educate her a bit on this subject.

I've sent her a couple of videos with testimonies of witnesses. This has helped her to understand better what MK-ultra is about.

The clients felt comforted and relieved for not being turned away by her. Which was for her as much a challenge as it was for these clients, due to the deeply traumatic impact these experiences have had on them.

Numerous therapists, in the UK, denied their stories and diagnosed these women as attention-seekers in a self-destructive way.

In a way it's understandable, for it's potentially an opening of a large can of worms and who knows how one can become involved in harrasment or even receive threats by handlers of these victims?

These experiences werre pretty tough and highly disturbing to me. But also a healing and a revelation, at some point.

They're touching upon the survival instincts and unresolved issues within them, as I perceive it.
Friday 27 January 2017, 20:04:50
Yes, this is a big job. At the present moment I am not being a therapist to individuals, but when I was, it was in a government social service type of agency that contracted to provide therapy.

As Pastinakel noted the sad truth is that there are not many therapists trained to deal with this severe trauma and if one is trained there are the liabilities noted, the severe self destructive behavior, the learned tendency to involve oneself with abusers, the possibility of lawsuit from client or family, among other things.

Then the therapist also has to deal with vicarious traumatization from hearing and holding the space and because the therapist has to deal with many life threatening emergencies from the client as they learn to deal with and resolve the traumas.

From what you shared Pastinakel, I believe you did very well helping these people. You were respectful and honest. You believed them and you provided resources. One has to honor where they are, it is never easy to deal with this stuff.

Someday soon, well, once The Event happens, I believe there will be multiple modalities to assist in the healing that will involve diet, sound, nature, energy devices, art therapy, and the ability to have the truth be told without the fear of external harm from abusers. It will be so awesome!

In the mean time, we all do what we can.
Friday 27 January 2017, 22:35:25
we want to make it to the event soon to cut off all suffering but at the same time there are people suffering right now so much that can not wait. so we must balance listening to such horrors and trying to keep up the light. it's not easy!
Saturday 28 January 2017, 02:13:18
[deleted user]
Thank you both very much, Sonja and Hefalump. It's helpful to share experiences and thoughts about this subject,
for I've felt quite alone in dealing with these experiences, at that time, due to not being in touch with people who
know of this horror, present in our society, or people who are ready to acknowledge this and communicate about it.

I am grateful for my intuition and training background as energetic coach, so that I wasn't entirely unprepared for
the energetic impact of being involved in real life, with 2 people who were subject to these horrors. I felt good about
how I moved through these encounters and dealth with them. Each with a different style of dealing with the trauma.

And now even more, after the flow of time has been kind to me in a gradual recovering and healing from the emotional
turmoil that was triggered within me. Both encounters came to pass out of the blue without warning, so I hadn't time
to prepare myself for it and it's why it took me a while to uncover the layers of shock to my system, before clarity arrived.
Saturday 28 January 2017, 06:37:31
I hear you Pastinakel, thank you for being there for them. I am not sure I would have had the strength to be of real help. I would have tried my best for sure.
Saturday 28 January 2017, 19:35:09
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