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Hi all, After a conversation with Simon, he and I thought [...]

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Hi all,

After a conversation with Simon, he and I thought it would be a great idea to create a circle called Ubuntu Daily. The idea is simple - the group is created for UK members who are prepared to visit this website daily (for however long) and stay connected with what's going on; more details can be found under the description of the circle.

If you think you would be willing to making this simple contribution, do join!
David T
I'm already doing this in Washington State, USA. I wish you well with this, as you ar in complete national situation that is similar in size to our regional one. I suspect this could work to your advantage.
Sunday 22 January 2017, 02:11:17
Sounds like a great idea Lee, looking forward to the meet on Sat
Sunday 22 January 2017, 20:13:22
Jonathan Shackleton
Sounds good to me Lee i try to contribute as much as i can, especially over social media. Sadly i can't get to your meeting but i'm sure it'll be great I have way to much work on in the North of England. If you have a skype link or something though i could pop on whilst doing my thing.
Monday 23 January 2017, 11:01:23
Lee Welch
Thank you for your encouragement.

David - I'm always learn from others, finding out what works, what doesn't and trying things out. So if there's any suggestions, from your experience, I'd love to hear from you.

Sifu - the level of potential attendees for Saturday's meet is now in double digits. I've been really impressed by people's commitment and enthusiasm. I'm so glad you'll be coming too. I look forward to seeing you then!

Jonathan - I never thought about a Skype link to these meetings. This probably won't be something we'll do during the first meeting but as this is planned for monthly, it's a suggestion worth seriously considering. I'll add it to the list of things to think about!
Monday 23 January 2017, 23:10:35
Jonathan Shackleton
No problem Lee I feel eventually we should have an Ubuntu channel and a radio show. I have a few friends in the media that i could call upon within the UK, then we'll need land - > the larger project. We can chat over skype at some point and really start to get organised.
Tuesday 24 January 2017, 11:26:25
Lee - this sounds great for Saturday - the comments and commitment from people are very exciting - remember a 1000 mile journey always starts with the first step!
Wednesday 25 January 2017, 10:13:07
David T
Lee - At this point, as a new state coordinator, I'm basically st going onsite daily o see what's being posted by whom, both regionally and globally. Unfortunately, this region consists at moment primarily of inactive members, and I'm reaching out offline to try to change this, as well as joining in these conversations globally. I'll be happy to share as things develop, and you should always feel free to contact me via email.
Wednesday 25 January 2017, 17:15:49
[deleted user]
One of our full circle project circles in Peterborough has many Ubuntu people looking to meet up. I have come across quite a large amount of people hoping to link up. The midlands UK region is full of promise for you guys I believe. Lee if I speak to anyone who I feel may wish to join your circle Ill pass on your details. Were looking to hold some presentations etc around our way later in the year. Perhaps some-one could come and give a talk on the Ubuntu movement?
Wednesday 25 January 2017, 23:57:30
Jonathan Shackleton
Good afternoon Carla, that sounds excellent as there is strength in numbers and it's great to hear. We're currently putting a training pack together that should help you and others spread the word. It's been a slow start in the UK, bar Ireland< but the systems are now being put into place. The UK website should be up and running over the next 2-3 weeks. There are some exciting times ahead and i know Michael will be visiting the UK this year. One of us will most certainly come and do a talk on Ubuntu, the movement and what comes next. We have to roll out the training throughout the UK so the Midlands is a half way house.

Have a wonderful week,

Thursday 26 January 2017, 13:28:44
Lee Welch
I'm very interested to hear about the training pack Jonathan. Will the launch of this pack be around the same time as the website?

I'd be keen to have sight of the pack. Who is involved with developing it?
Thursday 26 January 2017, 22:28:45
Jonathan Shackleton
The website will be fist Lee and then the packs will follow and be ready hopefully before the Summer. Obviously Michael is involved in every aspect of planning then me and Drea are working on training and development with him and others. Getting the foundations right is so important for us all in moving forward and everyone getting involved, not just a few.

It's going to be exciting and the membership will grow organically as we become more professional on every level.
Friday 27 January 2017, 12:31:21
Lee Welch
Very exciting news, thanks for the update Jonathan. If there's anything you think I might be able to help with, do let me know. In my job, I'm a technical author and design/map/document processes.
Friday 27 January 2017, 18:45:21
Jonathan Shackleton
Totally Lee just let us get this legal stuff sorted and make sure our UK website is sounds. Then we'll have an email server and it'll be a lot easier to manage all our workload, in various regions and in an organised manner.

Good luck with tomorrow should be great
Friday 27 January 2017, 19:22:50
Lee - Very interested in this, anything to do that can help create cohesion around independent media, access to real news and informing choice.
Sunday 29 January 2017, 12:08:11
Lee Welch
That's great Jonathan. The Ubuntu Daily circle already exists as is located in UK. Let me know if a link would be useful.
Sunday 29 January 2017, 22:37:23
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