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I am sorry to post this separately on the feed, [...]

Tigard, Oregon
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I am sorry to post this separately on the feed, but this flat earth thing has taken hold of Michael, and i have some issues. While I completely understand that as you become more disillusioned with the way the world is being run, and the way our history has been written, you start to question everything, even the real science that has happened. but people have guessed (and very accurately) the curvature of the earth based on shadows long before anyone registered it. to explain that, imagine this scenario: you have a light source some distance above a surface, and an object moves across that surface. now, if that surface is flat, the shadow moves in a certain way relating to the light source; however, if that surface is curved away from the light, as the object moves, the shadow changes in a different way. we can tell that our shadows at the same time large distances apart, relate to a curved surface. i'd like to state at this point that everything I say is free to be debated, i am going off of research just like most people, and everyone has different sources. One of the first things talked about in the video Michael made is not being able to see the curvature of the earth with your own eyes, its always flat on the horizon. Answer: we are very very small in comparison to the earth. do you think a single mote of dust on our skin could see the curve of our body? the earth is MASSIVE, and our perspective cannot comprehend that scale until we are very very far away from it ( staying in the atmosphere is not far enough). The next major thing discussed is the claim that you can see cities 40 miles away over water, which due to curvature should be impossible. Answer: the city you are seeing across the water is a mirage. light bends around gravitationally massive objects, you can even see it a little bit at the pyramids, and its why light can't escape black holes. therefore, from your small perspective, the light reflected on the water from that city is bent around the curve of the earth, so you can see a hazy replica of something 40 miles away and down hundreds of feet. the next bit is really three fold, and is my final argument, taking together the photographs of space launches at an angle, the Van Allen Belts, and the toroidal shape of the field around earth that supposedly forces matter out at its center, creating the flat earth. Reasoning: spacecraft take off straight up to maximize the force of the engines on the ground they lift from, and then immediately take an angle of 30 degrees, towards one of the poles. this is because of the van allen belts, those massive swaths of radiation that kill anything and everything, except they are actually two, and sometimes three (during large solar flares) belts of radiation with space in between them, that take a toroidal shape around the planet, centering at the poles, that vary in density and intensity everywhere at every new moment, constantly changing to respond to solar emissions, and this radiation is nowhere near instantly destructive, as with any radiation it takes time and the effects can be counteracted with more time away from radiation. therefore, engineers worked out that flying at an angle of 30 degrees toward one of the poles (where the belts are closer together and weaker) allows for a small time inside relatively low radiation, followed by a large elliptical orbit with plenty of time to recover; ta da, we made it out fine. Lastly, if the Toroidal field around this living object forces matter out of the energy as it is compressed, at the center, creating a flat plane in all directions, and taking into account the very basis of unity consciousness, that all things are one in this creation and follow the primordial rules of sound and energy, then why is our matter not forced out at the center? why are we humans and animals and plants and rocks and everything else we can see allowed to expand in all directions however it pleases, if the earth is not so? {PS side note if anyone actually reads this far: i could accept a theory stating the earth was at one time "almost flat". if we accept that the planet many call Nibiru exists (and we've already found evidence of its gravitational pull) it may very well be that at one time the orbit of that planet and ours either crossed or was close enough to affect nibirus moon, and that moon smashed into our currently boiling rock, changing its orbit slightly and carving out almost half the planet in the process, before breaking off again, some parts congealing to become our moon, some left as the asteroid belt. that would explain the horribly lopsided earth described by the continent of pangea, and the massive rift all the way from the top to the bottom in the pacific. we are living on just over half of a planet that once torn apart, continued spinning, and centripetal force slowly pulled the edges together over millennia. that sounds more reasonable to me than the earth being flat right now but again, please debate this with me, I am willing to discuss any part of anything.}
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