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Here is a great video that hels explain that of [...]

Chicago, Illinois
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Here is a great video that hels explain that of weather modifications. When you are at the mercy of control freaks they hardly leave anything to chance because there is a chance they might lose. With these nanobugs they can control and have the desired affect that they want. With rising energies on Earth. It allows humans to display more of their willpower. The elite do not want this so they have administered tiny bugs that you breath in that attach themselves on your cerebral cortex, spinal column, etc. To control outcomes and behavior. 8dzGqSV…
[deleted user]
I'm sure Cindy Kay Currier knows much and she appears to be genuine. After I've read more on her website and noticed the list of what's judged as not okay in all levels of life, from her, what seems to be almost a religious point of view, I felt less inspired and somewhat flummoxed. Don't know really, what to make of this woman's presentations.
Friday 20 January 2017, 17:59:20
True, I agree somewhat. The point isn't really about her I don't follow her but she makes a very interesting point on her observation of what is the decline in health of America and people in general. It is important for everyone not to just sit passively and let life kick them in the rear. This lady as miss guided as she may seem at times is getting up and doing something about trying to spread information about taking good care of ourselves. I just wanted to post that I am not the only one that knows about these nanobites. It is a technology not to be ignored and maybe it may feel comfortable hearing it from someone else.
Friday 20 January 2017, 18:59:13
[deleted user]
Yes, that's true, VASSAR, I agree that it's valuable to compare notes and study different sources that provide info that is important to take notice of.
She's definitely doing something, in her way. She's got a strong drive, as far as I perceive it, to inform people. Not sure about her moral codes of conduct
holding truth for me. I've fallen in the cauldron of religion as a minister's daughter and therefore, like Obelix, I'm not allowed to drink from that cup lol.
Friday 20 January 2017, 19:20:53
Oh you know what?… This article would be better? Have you read this yet? This is great exactly wjst I am talking about! I shouldn't have even put this up but ohwell! This lady did a good job!
Friday 20 January 2017, 20:09:10
[deleted user]
VASSAR, I read all the articles on the home site. Without the right to tell others what to do, I'm growing wary at this moment of attending this community.

I'm tired of the pointing at others who create evil, in the eyes of the pointer. What I need right now is a break, knowing that we're the ones we're waiting for, in order to be happy and create harmony in a state of wellbeing.

Right now I'm working on a new house-move, my 4th in one year. It's working out alright, a huge learning curve in understanding the English culture and lifestyle, but it takes a lot of energy and efforts of adjustment, renting rooms in other people's homes, while Dutch from origin.

Regarding the stirring of dust, descending and ascending on many levels, metaphorically speaking I believe we can and will find the sky clearing up soon. Look at the recent ending of the draught in California, caused by artificial weather manipulation! It's a huge improvement in ending the control of our lives and planet Earth's life.

Also, more valuable to me, we may find much inner clarity, right now and with the assistance of our inner light forces and those outside of us, we can overcome many dangers and threats, discover the presence of sabotage and illusions as much within as without. I know we will.

All it requires is discernment, a change of view and the making of a choice, coming from the heart or from the mind in survival.

We're all winging it right now and right now I choose to fly alone for a while. I'm sure we all fly in the direction where our heart's compass is leading us. Safe journey!

Sunday 22 January 2017, 11:01:26
Yes this weather manipulation is getting to the best of me. I took a few days out had to gey something done am back now though. The article I posted is one of the best on this I have read so far. With the break down of the matrix they cannot predict things and peoples lives that accurately anymore so instead of trying to get people to do what they want they can just make people do what they want by mass mind control. The thing to look out for is at least in the states is that when it rains that's when they use the nanobites to coordinate things and people to they advantage to bend things to they will.
It is difficult to know who to trust these days.
Good luck on your English and learning about American culture! Lol We don't even understand it! It can be fun sometimes I try not to get too attached you know I am a very wordly cultured person I just kinda wish I knew more languages lol.
Idk We were directed to come to this site to prepare so things might not be too exciting now sort of speak but when the mass awakening happens alot of people may come here in masses and also I had hoped and or hoping that the galactics and the resistance would gradually make an appearance here as well so as we are not left here totally to our own know what I mean? Really great articles on here and stuff though I have to be well informed.
Thursday 26 January 2017, 13:45:06
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