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I just wrote a mostly comprehensive article about Breatharianism and [...]

Glendale, Arizona
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I just wrote a mostly comprehensive article about Breatharianism and how this is a phenomenon that can't easily be dismissed. There are many examples of people living this way and I encourage those who feel guided to check out the research I've compiled into one source. Much love everyone and victory of the light!…
It is my goal to move in that direction but progress is made in tiny little steps.
Sunday 15 January 2017, 21:04:20
You may know already about "Buddha Boy" (Ram Bahadur Bomjon)
He is known for seeming to not needing food, water or anything else.…
Sunday 15 January 2017, 21:11:53
This became sensational because it hapened outside of the usual place, the monasteries of Tibet or Nepal, but I am certain it is not uncomun at all, only it is not shared with lay people becasue it would be miss-understood and seem "magic". It is simply about the natural abilities of our mind.
Sunday 15 January 2017, 21:13:34
Yes I included him in the article
Sunday 15 January 2017, 22:22:04
oh, very sorry, you did. very interesting. Makes me wonder: Could the 'elixir of life' of the immortal in Chinese culture be Ormus?...
Sunday 15 January 2017, 22:29:48
Thanks for the great article, Jonathan.
Monday 16 January 2017, 06:42:51
[deleted user]
As far as I perceive the reverence of lay people, it's usually them who create a magical vibe around the place, with incense and many prayers on mats, bringing flowers, etc. in an instinctual understanding of "the real thing" due to their ancestry that is part of an ancient culture.

The arrival and explanation of scientists is valuable for the left brain, but often that's also the brain creating Disneyland vibes around such a person as The Boy in his "Bodhi Tree".

I'd wished this whole affair had remained unknown, free of commercializing the village and causing doubtful frowns of eyebrows in many. I"m sure all these eyes watching it won't help the work that this Boy is trying to do. I myself wouldn't be happy with all that.
Monday 16 January 2017, 16:03:38
Thank you for the AMAZING news Jonathan.
Monday 16 January 2017, 16:08:35
Thanks very much for this, Jon!
Monday 16 January 2017, 22:30:10
cool thx man
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 17:43:34
[deleted user]
Some aliens don't eat anymore. I have heard that the Andromedans are fruitarians. And some kind of Anunaki (="Gods on the mountain Olimpus") live of nectar/ambrosia. Breatharians should learn the kriya yoga nectar meditation technique, that would help them a lot. I wish I would be able to clean myself up, and eat at least 100% raw, and wild edible plants. Here is one of my six websites: this one is about soul: HTTP://WWW.AUMHANSAH.COM
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 18:42:12
[deleted user]
As far as I can perceive it, there's always a choice to be clean, Coenra Wihuan. Nobody is stopping you, or am I mistaken? Not that I'm against raw food or eating edible plants, for I forage them as much as possible, but cleaning one's body and energy system can be done with warm food too. I've experienced in 43 years of eating organic food, that when I eat moderate portions of freshly prepared food which I can recognise on my plate and choose an intake of sugar to the minimumst as opposed to maximost (I so love to invent words) plus an absence of meat and a minimumst of dairy, only a small amount of yoghurt, at times and lots of sesamseed or tahini, for calcium, one can manage to live clean and stay healthy in a very good condition. Including outdoor activities like walking or gardening, pretty much excersize or stretching at home, or even better, all of it combined.

I've experimented much with food, finding what serves me best. Once I've increased the salt in my diet and after some time I began to feel my kidneys going tense and a great longing to go for a swim. Of course I stopped the experiment, for my kidneys warned me clearly. to go easy on salt. Also, I was 58 years of age, I've lived for half a year without dairy in my food, which caused a very long spell of sneeziness and sniffiness, ending with sore nostrils and my classmates smiled about my style of studying for holistic nutritionist, putting into practice how food and a certain diet affects our body and sense of wellbeing.

I strongly believe that the life force energy that flows through our body, our aura and chakra system, determines our sense of wellbeing also. At least, it enhances a sense of clarity and discernment and is part of an energy-purification process for our physical and emotional body as well, which allows for clarity.
Cleanliness or tidying up of our energy equals the level of clarity that we attain by it.
Tuesday 17 January 2017, 19:24:29
[deleted user]
Thank you very much, Jonathan, for this giant piece or research, well done!
Wednesday 18 January 2017, 13:36:08
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