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just joined, first post, just testing, not trying to shove anything down anyone's throat, if this doesn't resonate with you, let it go.
Saturday 14 January 2017, 07:02:28
God is not of this dimension, like the father is not known to the unborn baby! ... God is not of matter, God is in us and everywhere, of another form and dimension, HE (we say) is ¨ father¨ of creation, he is not of carbon and not of DNA. Remember man and woman, you will return to dust but your soul will (might) continue in an after-life where sex is not required!. Angels and demons have no sexual orientation! RRG
Saturday 14 January 2017, 20:25:08

“My Dear Beings on Earth, Finally, After Eons and Eons of Non-Time, came Time to Stand Out from your hiding places, of anonymity to Acknowledge Yourself and also One and Only Almighty One – Creator of All of Us.

Therefore, Invited All Beings of Light from All Countries of the World, All Light-Workers on Earth, who are Aware of Themselves and Their Mission, All Solar Teachers, All Masters of Wisdom Incarnated on Earth, All Angels in Human Bodies, All Beings of Omniverse Incarnated on Earth which are Acting According to 100% Light and All Beings on Earth that will Feel and Recognize their Inner Voice from Heart to Respond to First Direct Call of Omniverse to Attend Sacred Rituals in Egypt. Time has Come to Fulfill what was Agreed upon even before Beginning of Time.

It is Time that THE FIRST LAW OF GOD Enters into Force on Entire Earth.
We Are ONE.
As Above, so Below.
As Inwards, so Outwards.”
Saturday 14 January 2017, 20:27:44
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