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A refreshing presentation of a view on the construction of [...]

Tavistock, Devon
via Prepare For Change
A refreshing presentation of a view on the construction of the European Union and the banking crisis, with mainly men involved. Ulrike is touching on an important subject here and as much as she herself is a sign of the strength of the feminine increasing, she points at the functioning of the European in relation to that strength. I'm aware of the fact that women leaders are sometimes in that position because they're easier to brainwash and manipulate or discredited, but I doubt that all women are that vulnerable.

Ulrike seems to be clear headed and well informed, also for her long career in building the European Union and her capacity to stay as a construction worker and not hide in a corner, in tears. It's her amazement about the failure of the European Union that motivates her to address the issues that caused that failure. That's something a woman usually has less difficulty with, compared to a man. Let's talk the truth. Am I right?…
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