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Sage of Quay Radio - Priscilla Vogelbacher - Luciferians, Satanists [...]

Raleigh, North Carolina
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Sage of Quay Radio - Priscilla Vogelbacher - Luciferians, Satanists and Demons…
tony a
It's good to hear another post from SoQ with Priscilla Vogelbacher. She has some good information. Unfortunately she wants to believe in certain things that she researches which simply don't exist, at least in the way that she would like them to exist. One point is the existence of the An-Unna-Ki. All Religion is basic Magick formula and not one of the supposed Gods ever walked the Earth, they didn't need to - our I-Magi-Nation is the key to focus energies. When she mentions Ea and En-Ki as two names for the same God she neglects to mention that Water and Earth are two aspects of the Female Principle. Water is the first emanation that eventually produces Matter/Earth so Ea becomes En-Ki. And as for mentioning that Moses took mushrooms to see the burning bush, well that's fair enough if Moses actually existed but he didn't! Anyway still liked the post!!!
Saturday 14 January 2017, 06:18:24
Saturday 14 January 2017, 19:10:50
tony a
Not trying to upset you or her just adding more info that I am aware of on the subject. There are many people who believe in the reality of the Gods of Shumer but after many years of research I came to the conclusion that humanity was being brought into a paradigm through the story's of Deities.. As it says in the 'Sefer Yetzirah' (one of the oldest written works concerning the Jewish Qabalah) The Most High created the Universe through Letter, Number and communication (Myth/Storylines). I am in agreement with a lot if not most of what she said and am thankful that she gives this info to the world. My work though concerns itself with the way our paradigm has been fashioned for us by an Elite group of what may be called Adepts. I have looked at the foundations of our beliefs and have come to the conclusion that our paradigm is nothing but a carefully crafted illusionary construct that places us in a little box and that the God story's are integral to that construct. I would like to talk with Priscilla but not as an antagonist but as someone whose research comes from a different angle and so arrives at different conclusions.
Sunday 15 January 2017, 01:11:08
Sage O'Quay
I'm sure she would be happy to discuss. That's why she left her email at the end of the show. Give her a shout.
Monday 16 January 2017, 18:32:35
tony a
have done! thanks.

Tuesday 17 January 2017, 05:47:11
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