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[deleted user]
I'm smelling a mind that has made its mind up ;)
If human beings are ruled by a quacking duck talking to them, which I choose as a symbol for the voice of the mind in survial mode, even following "his masters voice" in that case I agree with the statement in the link.

In other situations, with conscious states of mind this statement in the link doesn't apply to human beings with good intentions, as I perceive it.
Thursday 12 January 2017, 10:40:31
[deleted user]
... and good actions, I should add to my former comment.
Thursday 12 January 2017, 10:41:49
There is a point and time to where you can ignore these impulses and thoughts, but the blockages in the chi are still there. Let me ask you this. Can you heal yourself from injury or sickness within hours? Can you bend the laws of physics with your mind? If no, you are held down from what you naturally are.
I suggest reading the article itself, not the statement. The article is over 12,000 words long, and a sentence you read and made an opinion of without investigating is...ahem..."a mind that has made its mind up ;)"
Give it a read and let me know what you think. I would love your thoughts on the entirety of the subject.
Thursday 12 January 2017, 21:38:28
[deleted user]
Oh, I've read into it and I'm giving my thoughts in my former comment here, that's all there is to it. For me.
I'm not focussing on complicated products of the mind and impossibilities, I"m making use of my energy
and power well, in an empowering way and I don't need to analyze my brainwaves in order to accomplish that
Thursday 12 January 2017, 21:48:32
I think you actually both agree: you are both saying that once you understand the nature of this world you become more or less immune to it's dark side. that is why the cabal focuses so much effort on the lightworkers.
Friday 13 January 2017, 03:35:34
[deleted user]
Thank you, Hefalump, you're a skilled mediator. Very wise words
Friday 13 January 2017, 05:29:19
[deleted user]
We're only held down by the limitations we place upon ourselves and nothing outside ofus can harm us unless we're resonating with it in some way.
To say that we're limited as a definition, or a diagnose is in itself proof of a mind that hasn't freed itself.
Friday 13 January 2017, 05:33:11
You are mistaking "constructs of the mind" with reaching a vibratory resonance high enough to become aware of these systems that are pervading the entire 3D reality. This system is 100% real, whether you "resonate" with it or not. Dont believe me, click on the sessions tab and schedule a session with me. I have worked with over 2,000+ clients to date with a 99.9999% accuracy rating. People dont come to me because its not effective, if anything this is the most effective energetic modality on earth at this moment.
Saturday 14 January 2017, 19:56:50
[deleted user]
I've had a second look into this article, Eric after I rested and was refreshed. It's coherent and it makes much sense.
A wholehearted amen to this:
“The game has been realized, and the end result is already set in stone. Humanity has already won, we only need to continue spreading the information, and more importantly, shine the light. This understanding changes everything. Nothing is ever the same after you recognize the true reality of the world. Not only does this point to the hidden hand directing humanity, this is direct confirmation of the amazing abilities built into the DNA of humanity, the amazing abilities build into YOU!”

I've changed my view and I believe you when you say you practice this succesful with people. As long as I'm fine, tinkering in the cellar, I think I prefer to create my own effective energetic modality
Saturday 14 January 2017, 20:14:46
Your own modality is always the most powerful :D
Sunday 15 January 2017, 02:17:34
[deleted user]
lol as long as it's not based on delusion, due to being convinced that that's my reality, Eric.
There are people who live a lie, you know.
Sunday 15 January 2017, 07:52:52
Indeed. Very true.
Monday 16 January 2017, 02:55:48
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