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does it make sense to be the only one in [...]

via Ubuntu - Portugal
does it make sense to be the only one in this circle, or better to join the other one that has 35 people in it?
i love the ubuntu principle but i don't understand how everyone gets free electricity, and it all seems to rest on that idea. i'd love to see this take off in our village and i can almost imagine it would be possible except for that part because the electricity must come from somewhere (our household is on solar anyway)
Mason D
well if you set up a power grid (or use one thats already there and cut it off from the rest) now your town's power is separate from corporate and outer nation electricity. once you as a municipality have a standalone power grid, then all that matters is maintenance when things wear down. the grid is on all the time, already is, they just make us pay to use it, which is unnecessary.
Wednesday 11 January 2017, 05:31:47
Mason D
and would you not be willing to do power maintenance if you knew how and got power for free out of it?
Wednesday 11 January 2017, 05:36:22
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