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Bro.Nat. WHY do we not create our own money insteead of allowing the Jews to
Excellent. He names names --- correctly.
Poverty and misery existed in countries where Jews did not exist. But with the advent of wise rulers and elimination of war, such countries could be saved.
Not so, since the arrival of Jews. (Brother Nahtanael explains their modus operandi.)

One point he didn't have enough time to explain was the Jewish control of the media.
By manipulating information, Jews can control your mind.

There are cases in the natural world where parasites control the host animal's brain.

Parasites HAVE to know what you're thinking. Parasites instinctively and collectively choose professions where all your secrets are OUT. Doctors and lawyers.

Jewish teachers will train your children in "liberal" thoughts (Jew-friendly thinking).
Monday 9 January 2017, 22:09:28
[deleted user]
Brother Nathaniel has named the names of the Jewish controlled media, and for exactly the reasons you've outlined, thank goodness for this guy.…
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 02:18:47
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 02:27:10
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 02:30:42
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