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Kia ora kautau e te iwi o nga hau e [...]

Thornbury, Victoria
via Ubuntu Planet
Kia ora kautau e te iwi o nga hau e wha [Maori greeting]
Micheals words In Unity and Resonance [harmonic relationship] the following is my own view[opinion]
because this subject is so big i will start with Music and the harmonic relationship with Light and reflected by the Rainbow[what we see is what we hear]
An overview[its about sharing]
Natures perfect proportions pi phi length hz thz math radian art music harmonics geometry architecture cultures time energy[free] everything is connected
i am not online alot if there is an interest drop a line
cheers tyariki
Deleted User
Kia Ora and Aroha from ZA South Africa.
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 18:23:29
Kia ora koe Janet my close friend Cameron and i designed our own music programe that will help out in connecting all things and share it with all cultures its just a starting place
kia ora ra Janet
Thursday 12 January 2017, 01:51:08
also Kanaka Maoli
so many great languages...other than English...
Thursday 12 January 2017, 14:20:45
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