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The heart sutra explained with sparring. Or, in other words, [...]

Tavistock, Devon
via Prepare For Change
The heart sutra explained with sparring. Or, in other words, spiritual as well as physical tai chi:…
[deleted user]
Part 2 is even more profound. Love it!…
Sunday 8 January 2017, 18:13:30
Most westerners are still denying the existence of chi/ki. even in places like dojos where we are well aquainted to the idea. but that's ok. It is there waiting for us when we are ready to welcome it.
Sunday 8 January 2017, 23:24:13
[deleted user]
Well said, Hefalump. I've had a brother in law who preached to his judo students in the dojo, the strict Calvinistic rules of the church I've been brought up in.
That's a whole different approach and in contrast to what this teacher in the video shows up with. For he taught the children to be very obedient to God, risking punishment. Those things can only happen in Holland, I think, for there's still a Bible belt in that country, with very conservative churchvisitors, with women in long robes, hair in a knot or in braids, wearing hats, fully obedient to their husbands, who are doing horrendous things in hidden and dark places. Spanking their children in the name of God. My father cried when he spanked one of my brothers, who was a dare-devil, for his father forced him to practice this. It's insane. "Blood always goes where it can't go" as we say in Holland.
Monday 9 January 2017, 10:44:21
Pastinakkel, amazing that your father went against his own good heart to please his father when he was a dad himself... and shocking too that the great wisdom of (most) japanese dojos may not reach these kids after only a handful of teacher-to-student inheritance. I am so glad my senseis studied in Japan under amazing masters for many years. they all have this inner light that fills our dojo with light, goodness, kindness, selflessness, forgiveness and everything great on this blue earth.
Monday 9 January 2017, 23:06:22
[deleted user]
Yes, I think you've been lucky, Hefalump, to have enjoyed and trained in such good company, sparring
and sensing this sincerity and true understanding of martial arts. I've trained Kemp one year, in the 70's,
but it was most rivalry and showing off what I witnessed. The excersizes were excellent, great fitness!
Monday 9 January 2017, 23:20:37
[deleted user]
Oh, I meant Kempo.
Monday 9 January 2017, 23:21:04
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