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Is anyone interested in creating a tiny house community off [...]

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
via The Full Circle Project
Is anyone interested in creating a tiny house community off grid and once built free to live in?
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My Brother bought some Land, but It's Way out from the City. Hard to Get to, IDK How we're Ever gonna Get anything together Out there. We Plan to Build a shooting Rang at Least, & Then, Who Knows...
Sunday 22 January 2017, 05:41:30
Chad Warren
I would suggest this is how to get this ball rolling.

We're all in a similar predicament - wanting stuff we don't know how to get without help and we don't know how to lead some charge that others will follow so that we create these win - win trades we are looking for.

As long as the people who want to play the community game are open enough beyond their own desires to see when what someone else wants to do is also valuable then we can negotiate how to work together in a common enterprise.

So, it doesn't matter so much what we pick to start funding to me.

Ultimately, let's say you find 100 people that want to fund your tiny home town.

Ok, but you have even more that want to fund a shooting range, for example, and lets say that costs much less, just for sake of discussion, well, I'd focus on achieving a baby step goal.


Because what we need to prime the pump isn't just money.

Its social proof. We need a video that shows that X amount of people focused on a mutual goal and they achieved it through co-operation and then at the end you give someone some button to push so they can participate.

We're not even really in the Internet until we create an Interactive application that has real world results we value.

You make that video showing success and you have an invitation to an internet gold rush that will put Silicon Valley's history to shame my friends.

Just that same way that a person may struggle with going to church on Sunday we should have our own events that we particpate in that we value and are not just another fake corporate funded charity org.

We should have a little respect for our pioneer ancestors who knew more than we forget, right?

Pa said to put your cash on the barrel, right? No credit, right? Like in that show and book series, Little House on the Prarie.

Well, now we can track everything out in public and do all these transactions out in the open so that reduces the need for expensive consumer services and our dependency on external authorities.

We can finally learn how to be more responsible and helpful together directly right here and now despite all our differences and the failures in our past.

I want a shooting range, a place for all these animals and plants and a big shop to work on stuff, etc. etc. - that is what we should want without shame if its based on our mutual assistance and not materialism.

I have a super expensive vacuum, for example. You only need one of those for like 10 families probably - I want that supercenter more than walmart.

Let's find a place to put stuff that we choose to share so we can have more stuff. How many damn jet skies do we need, right?

Do I really want to own all that stuff? Not really, its a burden.

Would I like to own land? Yes, its a good investment.

We can figure out better solutions easy peasy.

I don't like religion but I can throw them a bone just like they invite me in and its cool. - Are your members using Uber? Why? Can't y'all have some internal taxi service? Why give that money away outside your peeps? Duh, right?

Thank God, we're all acting silly and this can be easily remedied by changing our behavior upon self - evidence.

All of us have all we need is the trick and the answer - its not about our egos - its about where we come from.

Winners do not feel like losers is so true.

The more of us that make clear offers from the heart and grounded in reality the more those offers will be accepted just as surely as people may fall for coruption so too are they thirsty for what they really want which is to create win - win outcomes through faith, knowledge and action.

We got this, y'all!

Thursday 29 March 2018, 17:02:52
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